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What attracted you to the role of Declan? He is have guts. In addition, he is young and not afraid of anything. He is also smart and funny and that are properties that appeal to me.What kind of memory you have to working with Tom Cruise? He is as a person both intense as very easy. Of course he is a great actor where I have much admiration for. He is the biggest movie star in the world. Everyone looks to him on and he’s a real pro. though you’re confident, as soon as you sit in a room with Tom than changes your behavior. It’s so \ ‘ n known face and in addition, do you know him at all. He’s not just a man but also a business. Did you get to know him a bit? Only while playing Yes. But man Tom Cruise? No I don’t know. There you have no occasion for when you are in such a busy recording schedule is. But so it goes always during movie shooting, also during Match Point \ ‘ \ ‘. Do you think I’ve seen anything from Woody Allen? I have spoken with less than we now sit here talking. How do you prefer to a movie? I would like to be left alone. I don’t take like a long preparation but prepared almost on the spot for my role. When I play then I try to keep the character small. I always look for a simple element to the character well in order to take me on. What did you think your most challenging role so far? That of Vanity Fair in \ ‘ \ ‘ George Osborne. I found it very very difficult to me to move well in it. It was difficult for me to play such an arrogant rich man’s son. No then I would have preferred that of Elvis Presley. tell … I’ve had not much trouble to have to do. It was pretty easy to move me into his character. Despite that I had come from Ireland and Elvis from Memphis I don’t need much time to be him.

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What are your requirements for a good role? A good Director. I think that’s the most important thing. From a script that I read I can not format right away if it’s a good movie. That is why I choose preferably a Director where I like wants to work together. A good Director will usually supply also a good movie.How does Tom Cruise then? Money and fame are not important to him. He already has enough. He does work hard, though kei and seventeen hours a day. He is a true professional, a world star whose film industry depends on. You would want to if he so famous? No, I profiling myself a big star. I live a normal life and drive in a regular car. I hate Hollywood parties and have no bodyguards required. Actually I live a very normal life for Hollywood terms. Would you want to play in the next Mission Impossible? Perhaps, if they ask me but you never know. It also depends on the audience and how they respond to the character that I play. They find that nothing but

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