How are you? It goes very well with me. I’ve been busy and then you hear me so not complaining. Too busy? No, I do not think. I’m just glad I’ve so busy, because that means that I am doing something good.You still have time for your daughter? I make conscious time for her. Every Thursday is Andre-day. I try to see her as often as I can. In case I its really very wrong, I always do a movie and photo’s of her on my phone.If you have to choose, would you rather than a tough rapper or dear father be found? A dear father of course. My daughter comes at number é é n. as me as rapper fails, I can always still going to do other work.Now your album is been a while in the store. Why should we all buy your album? I find that there are very good music on it. With this album I wanted to show that emotion is very important to me. I think that is very well succeeded.Can you give an example? Yes, on \ ‘ Unbreakable \ ‘ rap I about all the things that were against me. By believing in myself I am ended up well.Where do you get your inspiration from? I love my music really by rapping about the things I really have experienced. I get my inspiration so just out of my own life. Why I rap? That I am simply going to do, because I could.You play the main role in the Dutch film \ ‘ \ ‘ polka dot Blues. You had here for once acted and how was that? To do this, I had never acted. I found the pictures very very nice. Knew almost everyone on the set, so it was all very chill. I will never forget that Kimo and Raymtzer in Suriname nearly kidnapped his. They got wrong, say, in a taxi in. Haha.In the film swallow your balls. You would also do that myself if you would have at home, for example, very very bad. I have read that you really would do anything for your daughter. That’s a really unfair question. I would really do everything for Caitlyn, but so far I would never let it come.And if you now have to choose between your music or a future as an actor? That is tricky. No, I can’t choose. I find it both just a lot of fun.Do you have dreams? Yes I hope m \ ‘ n old group d-men comes back together. If only for é é n times, that I would love it.And the future? What to expect? Quite a lot of music. Shows. And everything else comes my way.Finally, what should really have all now know about you? I super love many of my small. Always good music will continue to make. They should just buy all my album, because ie is good. O yeah and another thing. I like women very much. Ha, ha, ha, especially of women who buy my album

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