The trees of the spirit

the story begins in Venice ë

. The last carefree summer of the family, before their home is listed ë ist by German officers. There then follow different events at a fast pace. There are memories, pieces from a journal and is written in the present. I think the book describes two different stories that occasionally run into each other. There is an Italian family, father, mother, son and two daughters. In addition, you have Marcello Mussi, a soldier who, before he had to broadcast, tutoring gave to Ludovico. The book then goes into a more organized part I find. There are longer pieces that deal with the same subject. Marcello is broadcast to Libi ë. This is the journal section, and if you read it you imagine yourself in the war. Of course, changes the book from time to time by story. There is also so much to read about the Italian family and their house ´ ´ Gravello. This is included in ë ist by German officers, but they stay there itself still live. In these parts, you’ll experience the life of a family in the middle of a war. The victims out there fall … literally and figuratively. It is also about their lives after the war. Everyone picks up his or her life in a different way on. after the war, the father and one of the sisters no longer there. Mother continues to hang in the past, especially this is to note to all the stuff they want to keep. Ludovico and Giulia go in search of a new life. Itself I found the book hard to get through it. In the beginning of the book there are many things at once. Different story lines run through each other: past, present and pieces from a war day book. Therefore, it is not always easy to read. However, the story is a touching and that speaks to me again. All in all, it is so here by biting and you especially focus properly, but then the book also really worth it! the trees of the spirit Rosetta Loy the trees of the publishing house J.M. Meulenhoff spirit 270 pages: ISBN: 90-290-7648-8 order online! the trees of the spirit nosave  the trees of the spirit

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