The silence of the hell

the main character in this chilling story is the young experienced FBI agent Smoky Barrett. She leads a special unit, which deals with serial killers and comes with most twisted people. Her husband and daughter are murdered by the killer from her last case and so is temporarily out of the running to Smoky to process this trauma. Half a year after this murder is her friend of the earlier horrific murdered. It soon becomes clear that this is the work of a sadistic serial killer. What is worse, this guy claims to be the descendant of Jack the Ripper and focuses almost instantly personally to Smoky. Fiercely challenged by the killer put aside her own unprocessed grief Smoky and bites herself stuck in this horrible thing. Determined to stop before this sadist and victim falls. The nightmare is a true hell if it turns out that the freaked out psychopath so very much know about smoky’s vulnerable sides and it all even more personal is … With a very smooth pen Cody Mcfadyen guided me at breakneck speed by 58 short chapters, which I ikvorm from the start thanks to the effortlessly into the story was sucked. The credible developments, the oppressive tension and intense way of describing are so impressive that the story, as it were, was as a movie for me and long nadreunde. Cody Mcfadyen wrote with the silence of the hell a nail biting exciting debut about the darkest corners of the mind. A gem with which he immediately knew in no less than thirteen countries publishers to convince. A book that should not be missing from your bookshelf and a writer to absolutely have to keep an eye on.Image removed by The silence of the hell redactieCody Macfadyen 360 pages all about the 20 Publishing House: ISBN: 90-229-9133-4 list price: 19,95 euro order online now! the silence of nosave hell  the silence of the hell the silence of the helC. MacFadyen

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