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How is it with you now? NI é é ñ a: H l good! We have slept little in recent times, because of the promotional tour for the Eurovision Song Contest so we are getting a bit tired, but otherwise very good. And how was the tour? NI ñ a: visited in 40 days We have 36 countries and that was é cht bonkers. Every day a new country with other people and cultures: it is always a surprise of what’s going to happen. One day you’ll be super well received as in Malta where we’re in a very luxury hotel sat and the other day it goes a lot less. As in Denmark, where we sent away by the police from the train station. But we have especially super fun had. The coolest countries Turkey, Cyprus and Malta, were there, we were so well received! And in Finland were the least enthusiastic: people who are a bit shy and quiet.How did the people on your Treble Lingo? Djem: very good. I think there is still the most critical of Netherlands. Other countries had no problems with it. You come from another country, so that’s all apart and then we sing in our yangqin. Most had to be something like \ ‘ O, that’s nice! \ ‘ everyone has picked up at least very good.You guys had a camera team during the tour, how was that? NI ñ a: Yes, very fun. We could find with the team very well. They are joined all the standard promotional activities. Djem: but when they were gone we have filmed themselves much more crazy stuff! When we dared to be more open. For example, we have on tape alone \ swum at night. There was a bike in the pool and then you see really that we are trying to cycling in the pool! NI ñ a: but we also do crazy things for charity. As we saw in London suddenly everywhere camera’s for some é é Conference. We are the car stepped out and immediately go on the streets sing and play. We do there really all for order to promote ourselves. Sometimes you sleep only five hours a night, but the next day you’re just fit again because it to make your own song, your own product and your own dream goes. We want to win é cht!You are now so hard to promote, but according to the polls you are very low … NI ñ a: Yes, that’s right. But there, we are not at all working on it. With the National Song festival we found that polls not so many say. There Maud also win with 77% of the votes and we won in the end with 72%. Djem: it is also better if you do badly in the polls and with the festival ranks high, than the other way around. NI ñ a: you can also actually there is no prediction, because no one knows how the show will look like, no one yet knows what we are going to do on stage.What can we expect from the show on May 18,? NI we ñ a: I think will surprise people. For example, the clothing is very nice. There we can say little about yet, but our mother has designed the costumes and someone else has that run. We are really very happy about it. Djem: But the show itself is also really different. We will much drumming and dancing. For dancing, we have even hired a choreographer: Tim Noble, the resident choreographer of Kylie Minogue. NI ñ a: but we go no Kylie passes do though! He has left us really in our value. It just gets just a little more spectacular by his passes than a normal show. We also have nine drums and that we shift each time. And there are planes on the stage who two meters into the air can. It is really very nice, people will certainly not channel surfing during the semifinal!How you prepare now to run of the Eurovision Song Contest? Once again the day after tomorrow We go to NI ñ a: Greece to prepare for us there. Three hours a day rehearsing and three hours a day exercising. Djem: during the tour we have what less can work out, so everything is a bit less tight, but here we go again soon what to change. Exercise is also very important for our stamina, it should not be out of breath on stage.Netherlands will win this year? NI ñ a: We have there in any case everything ourselves on the map. Hopefully choose Europe now for something completely new and not showing a clone of ABBA. Anyway, we eat, we are very keen win m ó win! Next year we want to Song festival in Netherlands!The documentary Treble for gold! is broadcast by TROS

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