Keri Russell; " My boyfriend is Carpenter "

How does it feel to be in the greatest action thriller of the year to play? I find the film even more special because Tom Cruise’s inside. That was especially inspiring. Also, I found it a great experience. We are for the recordings in Thailand, in Rome and in Berlin. Not to mention the red carpet premi è res: in London, in Rome and now in Amsterdam. Great!How were you approached for the role of IMF agent Lindsey? Director J.J. Abrams ‘ Felicity ‘ with whom I also had done, \ \ has emailed me asking if I wanted to play in the film. Of course I said yes right away. After that it was just wait and see if it eventually went through. I had a special relationship with J.J.. He has a special kind of humor as I do. Click it so very well between us.You’re especially at the beginning of the film. In it you stand your male alongside Tom Cruise. I found that è nes actiesc a lot of fun to do. Especially since I had never done that for me it was a real challenge. That is why J.J. me also chosen for the role. He had to have an actress for whom such a role was a real challenge. How do you look back on the recordings? I’ll especially remember the aktiescenes with Tom. He does all his own stunts. I also could not stay behind and thought it was pretty cool to be able to do my own stunts. I really really have to train for weeks. Tom supported me enormously during the dangerous stunts. I have no fear felt and thought it was a real challenge.

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We had since \ ‘ We Were Soldiers \ ‘ a while nothing heard from you. Why was that? I had the series \ ‘ Felicity \ ‘ created and it was a bit was all. I was only a little girl when I was with that program began. I worked 18 hours a day, five days a week. That series was the only thing that turned my life around. I was the famous are just completely fed up and gasped for a normal life. This is why I after a while retired from the film industry. Before I did that I won’t still the movie We Were Soldiers first \ ‘ finished. Can you tell more about your next film ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Angel Rush? I liked it very much that he was taken up in my hometown New York. It is a completely different film than Mission Impossible III. A small film, with fantastic actors. That is a challenge again after such a rock hard action film.How can you manage to stay in the normal world of glitter & glamour? I don’t want to just hang around in that world. That is why I have outside of the film a lot of friends who have nothing to do with movies. The one is a lawyer, the other a waitress and my boyfriend is a Carpenter. That is the only way to continue normally.

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