The Mind Gym

when I got the book The Mind Gym in hands, I expected there is not much of. It will be just another self-help-book are, I thought. But when I after the introduction page’s ended up in the principles of The Mind Gym, I read a particular sentence: We can choose how we think. Although I never know, of course, is this. And actually I think too much in my own frameworks, I remember. Excited I start to read. Just as a real gym offers The Mind Gym different program’s for different problems. There are four specific program’s that you can follow: get what you want, are loved, respected and remain Afloat in difficult times. I dump me on the fourth programme and directed me especially to the chapter on stress. It explains that there are two different types of stress are: negative and positive. Positive stress means that you’re in a healthy way tense and negative stress do you experience a kind of overload, what so n í et is healthy. It is said that people who have positive stress, this often confuse with negative stress making them without saying negative hit stressed. That is a real eye opener: stress is not always negative. The days that I am forced to try to relax are actually quite unnecessary! In addition to this revelation chapter nine offers stress free fun anti-stress tips, which you have to give some rest to busy days. I do not say that I am quite relaxed, but I do believe outside my \ ‘ \ ‘ stress frames. My problem area is reduced after reading this book. So if you have stress, is The Mind Gym also something for you. But do you find it difficult to make contact with strangers, you always against the dishes to hiccups or do you prefer discussions? Even then there are useful tips in this book. But you do have to open stand for. Because if you just continue to subscribe to the gym and never going to work out, the love-handles also sit …The Mind Gym 315 pages Publishing House: AW Bruna Publishers ISBN: 90-229-9161 X list price: 15.95 euros order Online! The Mind Gym  The Mind Gym The Mind Gym

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