American Dreamz

Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant) is presenter of the hugely popular \ ‘ \ ‘ American Dreamz and does everything for the ratings. After a number of seasons he is tired of average talent and he goes for the new season, along with his two Sidekicks, looking for \ ‘ \ ‘ freaks. In the list fit the so-called \ ‘ \ ‘ white trash, an immigrant and an Orthodox Jew. Kandoo Sally (Mandy Moore) comes from the South and has only one dream: singing. If she is selected to participate in the show, she decides to make it out with her boyfriend William Williams (Chris Klein). This decision in turn in the army, but soon comes back from Iraq with a war wound. In Pakistan, the clumsy terrorist Omer by his uncle sent to America to stay with relatives and to wait for his call for a suicide attack. By accident, he is selected to participate in the talent show, unlike its cousin Iqbal who only too happy to want to be famous. Meanwhile, to see how the weary president Saton (Dennis Qaid) is spiced up by his loyal Chief of Staff (William Dafoe). The president would, however, like to just lie in bed and read the paper, which he otherwise never reads. After a pyamasessie of 3 weeks wondering where he is and ask the citizens or all be fine with him. The president appears to shine to his image as a guest judge in the program \ ‘ \ ‘ American Dreamz.

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The various story lines and the coming together of these characters in the show are good for the laugh muscles. This is primarily due to two supporting roles of cousin Iqbal and Chet Krogl, the agent of Sally Kandoo. As Omar eventually instructed to commit an attack on the president, there will be another twist in the tale. This is not entirely unexpected, but ends in a little drama. \ ‘ American Dreamz \ ‘ is all in all a ludicrous movie where no dull moment in occurs. The Director has responded to the \ ‘ \ ‘ culture and now-immediately that is clearly back in the film. A must for those who love a satirical look at American culture!American Dreamz with Mandy Moore and Hugh Grant, Dennis Qaid Director: Paul Weitz time: 107 minutes from 1 June at the cinema

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