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We have long heard nothing of Roxette. Yes that can add up. Since there at my musical consort Marie Frederiksson Roxette has a brain tumor was discovered a few years suspended. There have been in the last year just Greatest Hits record of us appeared.Is Marie now completely healed? She is declared cured, but is still not quite the old. Two years back there was a brain tumor at her deleted. She was out of circulation for a while. The operation was complicated so that had a lot of effect on her. Fortunately, they brave survivor. Marie is a positive woman and that has helped her a lot.We can soon expect performances and albums by Roxette again? That will still take a little while but we look very forward to together to go back to work. Marie would love to return to the studio to what to do. I’ve had just as long been waiting until they would come with the idea itself. They also felt no pressure you understand? Forthcoming ‘ The Rox Box ‘. That is a 3 cd Roxette compilation with all the hits and a few extra numbers. Those extra songs, we must still record.In between you have worked extremely hard to your own album. Yes that’s right at all. In the Netherlands people may not know that I also make solo records. Did I mentioned before Roxette existed. When I was sitting in my band Gyllene Tyder and that band has never actually ceased to exist. If not I am active with Roxette then I perform every now and then with Gyllene Tyder on. In 2004, we celebrated our 25th anniversary with the band. I also have a few Swedish solo plates made. Of my previous ‘ sold in Sweden are worth mentioning on the 300,000 copies.Do you have that need to be busy with other projects in addition to Roxette? I think it’s only good for a musician is Yes. I make solo records but Marie has always done the same thing. She has even though five solo albums to her name. If you’re in the varied music that you always motivated. That has never become a rut is also contributed that Roxette. And now there is Son Of A Plumber \ ‘ \ ‘. Can you tell what about? It’s actually a homage to my musical heroes. The music I grew up so and by that I mean especially in the 1970s and 1980s. The plate is also a homage to my father. He worked as a plumber, hence the title of the plate. Kurt was the fastest plumber of the West haha. My dad has always supported me in my musical carri è re. Why would a fan of Roxette have to buy your album? I write the songs for Roxette so it is more or less the same feeling you get when you listen to a Roxette album. There are beautiful ballads on but also up-tempo songs. It’s just a plate with which you can go in all directions. Jo-Anna and Hey Mr DJ I find myself beautiful songs that I hope them both as single are going to come out.

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How do you look back on Roxette? We have lots of beautiful things experienced. Roxette was incredibly successful all over the world. We have the even to the us top kicked! There are not many European acts that have reached. On the other hand I feel that we have not always had the appreciation that we deserved. If you have mega success there are always going to be people who criticize.Such As …? Many people find Roxette nothing because our songs to commercial. And that while I never had the Assembly-line songs have written to earn big money just to. Every time I write a song then I want nothing but the best of the best. I shake the songs so not as one two three out of my sleeve, but there’s going to be a long process to advance. And believe me I have had the anxiety often enough that I could write good songs no more. Fortunately, that so far still successful and we have made a lot of beautiful songs with Roxette.You have a son, Gabriel. He is also a big music lover? He’s only nine, but he has a lot of interest in music. I even made a picture with him, because he sings the song Substitute \ ‘ \ ‘. I had him once taken to the studio and when he imitated me while I was playing and singing. I found that so much that I’ve decided to do a song with him. Who knows, we are also still sometimes together on stage!It must be difficult to have a family and then so often to be on the go. That is indeed the downside of Fame. You are so many away from home and hearth that you sometimes can feel very lonely. But that’s the price of success. You know that if you start. Nowadays I also try as much as possible at home with my family. I want to see my son grow up and share my music with him and my wife. Music is and remains my absolute number 1. I fear that I am always \ ‘ \ ‘ doomed with

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