Alice in Wonderland

I used to be a huge fan of the singer born in Utah. On her debut album, Pieces of you were songs like Foolish games and You were meant for me that really touched me. Later came the song Hands out, with a text that Jewel Kilcher right into my heart wrote. The combination of a pure voice, soft guitar and sensitive lyrics, the songs are all wonderful. I was therefore disappointed when Jewel a number of years ago with the song Intuition also had to be an Idol if necessary: the song had a poppy sound and for the clip hees putting themselves at high heels and leather package. Road was my Jewel. The other songs from the album 0304 where the number came from, were of rubble. With any distrust I did Alice in Wonderland in my CD player. If I but not to hear weather 0304-songs get. However, the cover made me suspect something else: a soft Jewel with white clothes and a nonchelante wind through the hair reminded me of the clip of Foolish games. And the presumption is correct. Jewel has found itself back. The songs on Alice in Wonderland are practically of the same nature as the songs on her first album. The guitar is good again to hear and her texts turn me back to thinking. Examples of this include the phrases ” Dreaming is a good thing cause it brings new things to life, but pretending is an ending that perpetuates a lie ” in the song ” Goodbye Alice in Wonderland and I might watch t.v. because it’s nice to see people can be more messed up than me ” in Good day. The album is as said so again old-fashioned Jewel-material, but it is also the story of her life according to the singer. As she says on her website Goodbye Alice in Wonderland ” \ ‘ \ ‘ is no fairy tale, but still a strange tale indeed; It is the story of my life-from the extreme solitude of Alaska, to my first trip to Hollywood. From my rise to fame, to the cliche crisis or betrayals by those closest and most trusted dearly. ” If you listen carefully, you can hear. All these experiences are reflected in the songs. And that pure and honest makes Alice in Wonderland also so beautiful. I forgive amply for her album 0304 Jewel now, because this plate continues to be some in my stereo down! 01. Again and Again 02. Long Slow Slide 03. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland 04. Good Day 05. Satellite 06. Only One Too 07. Words Get In the Way 08. Drive To You 09. Last Dance Rodeo 10. Fragile Heart 11. Stephenville, TX 12. Where You Are 13. 1000 Miles Away Image removed by redactieJewel Alice in Wonderland running time: 54 minutes and 36 seconds Atlantic Records list price: 22, 99 euro order now! Alice in wonderland  Alice in wonderland Goodbye Alice In

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