Jong, carefree and exuberant get drug Lord in the bus on the way to their long-awaited trip to Florence. With a week Sun, culture, fun and conviviality for the bow is the atmosphere great. No one had then also but k one can ú suspect that this cozy trip years later would end up in hell. As Iris barely ten years later receives a threatening letter, it lays no link between this terrifying letter with time limit and the cheerful school trip by then. Only when her friend and former classmate will receive the same letter and another murdered classmate is found, calls the seriousness of the matter to her. Slowly come there memories surfaced that fulfill her with disgust. Iris is desperately trying to guard against the madness that seems to make its master. Is the imagination that they followed? What happened there anyway in that Sun-drenched Italy ë? What horrors have played? What with that suicide of Sam in the winter of their senior year? Was it suicide? It was Sam? The tension still runs more on if there is again a victim falls. After twenty children’s books were Marianne and Theo Hamilton for a new challenge with fewer restrictions in plot, word choice and complexity and they wanted to try to bring their books to readers of books for adults. After spending the afternoon at sea, cloister their second Literary thriller.Image removed by editors or the coincidence, I don’t know, but this writing duo wrote with cloisters a real duo-story. On the other hand I lived with Iris that opposes the threats by the killer and on the other hand, unfolds the horrifying truth itself piece by piece through diary excerpts from ten years ago. And once in a while if I even look through the eyes of the murderer. At least a very original way of layout. The consistent ikvorm, the sober but natural writing style and that surprising format, make me very curious about the next book of this imaginative duo. This genre ‘ she is good ‘ and as far as I am concerned the production up; twenty seems like a nice endeavor.Image removed by redactieMarianne and Theo Hamilton cloister 224 pages Publishing House: the fountain ISBN: 90-261-2265-9 list price: 14,95 euro order Online! cloisters KruisgangM. Hameed

Hameed & Theo

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