Coiffure Awards: " my haircut never falls against "

Victoria Koblenko (actress, presenter, columnist) ” I am here tonight because of Andy (Uffels, \ ‘ \ ‘ Hairdresser of the Year 2005, ed.), fixed my hair. My hair is always done by him. Funnily enough the cut always ready very quickly. Andy and I both have little time and are often abroad. Then call I’m and he says: ” I have ten minutes tomorrow night for you … ” . Then it is also really cut within that time. For example, this coupe (let see her hairstyle, red.) is cut in ten minutes! ” ” Andy also never know how it will look like, that’s when cutting. I give him carte blanche and I think it as a result, that my haircut me never is against cases. Often, people have to go a Barber so much demand that manage and then you don’t get the right result. A Barber sees you from all sides and can be much better determine what suit you. ”

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Raj Babbar (host Looking Good) ” I have sat in the jury and the level of the entries was very high. The most important where we have ensured the use of colour in the hair was and whether there was an innovative line in the hairstyle. Hairdressers who submit a hairstyle with a matte, still do not understand it and fall off immediately. All of this time is the bangs that blend seamlessly into the hairstyle goes through and staining with at least three shades in it, which you don’t see where they begin or end. ” ” If I now own the first series episodes of Looking Good look, then I have been getting violent and different hair styles. I do not do more, I’m become much quieter in there. It comes to the candidates who have undergone a transformation and not to me. I am absolutely no trend setter and wants to be. My hair must look always well taken care of, because it is finally my box … ”

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Monique Sluyter (adult model) ” I found the shows and photo’s of today extremely inspiring. I always do my own photo shoots for itself the styling and I have also gained a lot of idea ë n. I like to experiment and try different things, but just for my work. Priv é course I prefer without make up with my hair in a ponytail around. ” ” My hair is a good friend of mine. They always my hair reddish colors, in the winter in a somewhat darker shade. And with special ion-gels I make sure that my hair looks good there. ”

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Comprehensive report on the Coiffure Awards 2006

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