Kate Ryan: " I felt very unhappy "

before getting her talent connected with the Eurovision Song Contest was Kate in own country – é n – in the rest of Europe already a star, which with the song Desenchant é e \ ‘ \ ‘ a few years back the charts occupied. It opened doors, but closed again other. Kate was rushed in the fame, but also got the recoil. ” The success came too fast. I was still so young and inexperienced. Little did I know that success you so could be carried away. At one point I no longer lived but I w é rd lived. It was always action, interviews and travel, but travel. I had no priv é-life more and sometimes felt very very unhappy. At one point pressure was too big and I broke down: overtired, a serious eating disorder, it was to me. At one point I m ó est step back ” . Kate Ryan stepped out of the spotlight to to come back to himself. They thought a lot after: about her death, but also about carri è re of her mother, who ontviel her during her big success. ” It has me really well done to take a step back. I could come back to myself and charging for a new phase. Still I think of my mother. To how proud she was on me, how they experienced my first successes and how my dream became reality, a succescarri è re. I have a big part of my success to my mother to thank. She has always supported me and motivated ” . At a young age, it was clear that Kate had a natural ability for music. She came from a musical family and music she got so spoon-fed. In the family of James, as they actually called, everyone played é n é musical instrument. But Kate was even played them two top boss: boss, guitar n piano é. Her musicality did not go unnoticed by the family. She received piano lessons and lessons in singing technique of her aunt, a teacher at the Conservatory. Was crazy Kate on Madonna they happily during. Then they themselves out in a red doste \ ‘ \ ‘ La Isla Bonita dress made by her grandmother. It sat there so certainly in that Kate a muziekcarri è re would follow. ” I sang everywhere I could. In clubs, in caf é s and in bars. Everywhere the people I wanted to listen to my music performed on. I even had a strap Melt, a mixture of pop and soft rock ” .

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But it was only when Ryan as Kate Ryan on a solo career that the big success came. With \ ‘ \ ‘ Desenchant é e she obtained the top and also with \ ‘ \ ‘ Scream For More. Kate is still proud of her music, especially her songs because they also itself writes. ” The songs that I create are my own feelings, but also the things I see in other people. Happy things, sad things, all those feelings come back in my songs ” . Kate’s latest success is called \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Adore You t, an English-language song with a French title and that is the Eurovision Song Contest number for Belgium ë. Many people predict Kate a good place in the top ten, but do not want them to predictions themselves. ” I’m glad I there may be, it is a great honour. As a little girl I was always fan of Sandra Kim. Full of excitement, I have always looked to the Eurovision Song Contest. When was asked me to join, I have no time I immediately thought about it: \ ‘ \ ‘ said yes. I think it is a wonderful experience in the carri è re of a singer like me. Whether you’re outstanding or not, you can hear your music in é let é n times to millions ” . But Kate Ryan does not stand still, even after the Eurovision Song Contest. ” I’m very busy right now. Except with the Song Contest also with my new album. It will pop dance Central. We work with various international producers. It will appear later this year. This is a very hectic period for me, but despite everything I can enjoy it again here. I care now that there is plenty of time between gigs is so I’m not about the head work. One thing is for sure: I feel better than ever and I’m back

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