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How does it feel well to no longer be the best Barber of Netherlands? Haha, da’s a funny question. You mean, that I was no longer in the prices’ve fallen? Actually, it does not so much me. I should also no longer join in, because after three times \ ‘ \ ‘ to have become Hairdresser of the Year you get a place in the \ ‘ \ ‘ Hall of Fame and you are immediately excluded from further participation. And m \ a award? That still stands on the kitchen table. I haven’t had time to mountains … ‘mHow have you experienced last year? I have gotten great reactions from the industry, including many fellow’s. customers and clients become more religious, and yet I believe are also internationally I am more put on the map. That certainly comes because this award gets more and more international prestige. It has brought me great foreign missions and trips.How did you like the entry of prize winner Berni Oca? I can say that all nominations I’ve seen this year so far was the strongest. There was a lot of competition and a wide variety of hairstyles. The collection of Berni looked very good, was deliberate and the concept was well put together. The look of the photo’s was nice and fresh and I think it was exactly what the jury wanted to see. It comes, of course, always to the overall picture: concept, hairstyles, color use, make-up, styling é n photography.Do you have a good tip for him as your successor for \ ‘ \ ‘ Hairdresser of the Year? I would say ” Keep doing it ” and just try to enjoy. In our profession everything goes so quickly and have you been busy with something else again soon. Go here 5 minutes to sit your award watch and experience this success!

Image removed by editors Coiffure Awards 2006: Andy Uffels receives its price for the Hall of Fame from the hands of Rob Peetoom

You are next to the salons also busy with your own training centre B-Academy. Why are you going in this direction? Several years ago I noticed that there are so many passionate people in the industry with an interest in the job, who like to share their knowledge. With B-Academy we want to transfer our passion on young people and give them the opportunity to learn the trade of professionals. We strive to provide B-Academy the leading Institute of Netherlands relating to hair, make-up and fashion styling and also to acquire an international reputation. In addition, I open this week my third hair salon: we sit next to Amsterdam and Amersfoort in Arnhem. during the Coiffure Awards we talked Victoria Koblenko. They told us that your hair hairstyle always cut very quickly. That’s your trademark? Not so much the speed, but the particular circumstances ensure that I get the best out of myself. I prefer to work in unusual places. So I cut the band members of the Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring, sometimes 5 minutes before they \ ‘ on \ ‘ should. That gives a kick and allows your creativity to the test. Having said that, I also love to one and a half hours with a hairstyle to be busy. It’s totally depending on the situation.How does the hair fashion there for next summer from? The hair is still Brown-I wonder how long still remains in \ ‘ \ ‘-Brown with lighter shades in it. But it his entire thin dashes, as natural as possible. And there’s cURL in, but so \ ‘ n hairstyle is nowadays in 5 minutes. The fastest way to get by a beautiful loose curls pick twice around your curling iron store, instead of your curling iron in the hair to turn. It is much faster and you have a more beautiful, more natural result.Click here for a comprehensive report and photo’s of the Coiffure Awards. www.readytob.nlwww.bacademy.nl

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