Daniel is silent

\ ‘ \ ‘ is silent Daniel describes the life of Melanie Marsh and her son Daniel. She already has a child with her all the time by that something is going on. He doesn’t want to talk and only plays but with his train. Medical studies have shown that he has a hearing defect. No, Daniel turns out to be autistic. The young family is collapsing. Stephen, Melanie’s husband, gives only the hopes up. He has an eye for the future of their daughter Emily, while Melanie wants to continue to fight for her son. And so does them as well. She wants to help him. She wants to teach him respond, talking, playing. Different specialists examine him. He gets special guidance, but all without result. Melanie brings hours with him through and gives him all the attention they can give. She is going through and neglect themselves and the relationship with her husband. She is desperate as her husband Stephen leaves her. He can not cope. But at that moment the play therapist Andy O \ ‘ Connor in her life. His approach and attitude to life are invaluable for Melanie and Daniel. Daniel \ ‘ \ ‘ is silent is a magnificent, powerful and very moving novel. Every now and then I had to do it so with Melanie. Then I wanted to give her a hug. Say that it is good would come. It is wonderful to read how much she gives to her son. How much they for him about. Why get it than with all that pain to do? Luckily I can slam this book with a smile on my face. It comes good again with Melanie. Something I so hoped when I read her story.Image removed by redactieMarti Leimbach Daniel silent 255 pages Publisher: Sijthoff ISBN: 90-245-5471th-3 list price: 16.95 euro order Online! Daniel nosave is silent

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