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I’m very much looking forward to the new cd from one of the first sigh girls. Her voice sounded so sultry and seductive on \ ‘ \ ‘ Je t aime… Moi Non Plus \ ‘. Meanwhile the originally British singer many years older, but she sounds on this new album Fictions \ ‘ \ ‘ still so seductive. Jane Birking enchants me on this album with her voice. On \ ‘ \ ‘ Fictions she brings songs of magnitudes, as Tom Waits, Neil Young and kate Bush. She does that on its own great way. She has a very distinctive, exciting, seductive voice. There you just have to keep listening. This is a great cd to run in the background during a romantic evening with a glass of wine there. Enjoy but. I myself have some trouble with it that they on this album both English-language and French-speaking numbers by each other sings. Which I find very very confusing. It may be all wonderful songs are, I had the much finer found if they had chosen for the French language. She is better in that language to her right. Despite the language issue gets Birkin a spacious enough for this album. I think it’s great that they at her age, nearly sixty, still can and should make such delicious good albums. We are then quite a few years further after \ ‘ \ ‘ Je t aime… Moi Non Plus \ ‘, but her voice is not deteriorated. As far as I am concerned they definitely a few more years continue.Tracklist 1. Home (3: 28) 2. Alice (4: 26) 3. Living In Limbo (4: 17) 4. Waterloo Station (3: 30) 5. My Secret (3: 41) 6. O ù Est La Ville? (4: 01) 7. Steal Me A Dream (The Magic Numbers) (4: 14) 8. Sans Toi (3: 53) 9. Harvest Moon (3: 04) 10. La Reine Sans Royaume (3: 04) 11. Mother Stands For Comfort (3: 15) 12. Image F. ô me-Pavane Pour Une Infante D é funte (1: 55) Image removed by redactieJane Birkin Fictions running time: 42 minutes and 45 seconds Label: EMI list price: 23.99 euro order Online for 21,49! nosave Jane Birkin-Fictions  Jane Birkin-Fictions

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