May 29: Viva la Donna


founded in 2005 Viva la Donna on, an organization that develops activities to Wellness to realize Projects for women with cancer. Among other things with a National Day in which beauty centers, beauty salons and draw up their doors free of charge sauna’s to give these women a special day. This year, Viva la Donna-day on May 29 in various locations throughout the country. Viva la Donna was born from the personal experiences of Corinne de Haas as ë nt. kankerpati by the pamper treatments that they granted themselves during this difficult period in her life, changed her appearance é n State of mind. Massages and personal care made a world of difference in her healing process. By those personal attention she could the heavy treatments in the fight against cancer often much better to. Women with cancer are often do all their family, partner, job and family to spare in this difficult period. For relaxation, there is sometimes no room financially or in terms of time. Viva la Donna wants for this group of women like to do something: a warm gesture and a more than welcome bright spot in a tough time … By organizing special Viva la Donna Charity shopping afternoons and selling fashion accessories to a financial game of Viva la Donna builds on this Spa & Wellness projects. For more information about this heartwarming initiative on

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