Seasons of Love


\ ‘ Seasons of Love ‘ is not just a bland cd-Taj with love songs, but an album with hits from musicals. The numbers are again modified, uploaded orkestreerd and arranged by John Ewbank. Being completely new numbers become. This has Ewbank so well done that you occasionally even wondering whose original number was. The idea for this group arose when casting director Job Gosschalk, along with musical producer Robin de Levita, auditions waned for a theatre production. The vocal power of the voices inspired them to musical music in an original and modern way to start producing. Their debut album was produced by Sudarshan C Giovanni, under the supervision of John Ewbank, that we all know of his work for Marco Borsato. \ ‘ Seasons of Love’s a good listen-cd. Creep but nice close to you love, if you cd on a romantic evening with a listen to wine. Together delicious swoon and dream. Sing along should also, of course, but that is very tricky, because some songs are really beyond recognition, such as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Singin’ in the rain. And what do you think of \ ‘ \ ‘ I will always love you. This is a really nice song, but the Lords of All-Music make it something very special of. In the beginning I found it nothing, but now I have listened to the cd a few times, I start to doubt if I have the right version of this nice men better find that those of Whitney Houston. I wonder if we’re going to hear more of Mr. The album is promising, but what the public thinks of. She finds € 17.99 not too much for a music cd with over half an hour. I hope not, because they deserve it. Finally sing the men’s great. They have really nice piece by piece to listen for hours to vote. Delicious!Tracklist 1. Seasons of love-Rent 2. Easy to be hard-Hair 3. Dogs in the yard-Fame 4. Everytime we say goodbey-Seven lively arts 5. Good vibrations-Good vibrations 6. I’ve grown accustomed to her face-My fair lady 7. I will always love you-Best little whorehouse in Texas 8. Just the way you are-Movin \ ‘ out 9. SINGIN ‘ in the rain-Singin’ \ \ ‘ in the rain 10. Defying gravity-WickedAfbeelding removed by redactieAll-Music Seasons of Love running time: 38 minutes and 11 seconds tag: Bridge Music list price: € 17, 99www. order Online! Seasons of Love


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