Here he is!

Immediately POPs a young man in suit with glasses on in my room. Jim Saksena is his name. Known for his performances on Lowlands, Crossing Border and various comedy shows throughout the country. ‘ Here it is ‘ is his first one-man show. Sainsbury immediately starts smoothly. He talks about tv \ ‘ \ ‘ Pino and other weird birds. About bachelorette party’s in clubs where he is acting. Sainsbury flies from one on the other topic, but it bothers me not. During his whole show not my smile disappears. Not bad for a first show. Where does the inspiration come from ie-I wonder if ie tells about the disco in his backyard builds. This way, his girlfriend not to Sensation or é some é party. But he has also to shop clerk. The sellers where we sometimes also green and yellow to annoy. Sainsbury says what we think at that time. An hour long one after the other he tells the joke, but there are also silences. And he makes mistakes, but that’s all forgive him, because he lost the very funny and captivating on. every now and then his jokes incomprehensible, but that is sometimes quite funny. You forget it so when he talks about the Paralympics for people with epilepsy. You see it all for you? Well, Saksena though. He explains it so freaking Visual from. Just like the sc è ne ‘ Shit on your money ‘. The chills ran down my body when I thought. Bah, but a horrible good sc è ne. occasionally may ie from me something feller come out of the corner. It may be just a little sharper. Maybe he stays right though a little on the surface, because he has an hour. Then it’s already over. Sainsbury has its time utilized. As a viewer you’re still doesn’t get rid of him, because the dvd contains a lot of bonus material. Being sketches of ‘ Outrageous ‘. So it was called duo that formed together with Tijl Beckand Sainsbury. Tijl do you know probably by the lamas. seven great sketches you can take look on this dvd. Go there anyway to be, because otherwise bounce your of your chair with laughter. They are so hilarious.Image removed by editors \ ‘ here he is \ ‘ Jim Speelmans time: 101 minutes and 4 seconds list price: 22.99 Advice € age: All order Online! here he is!  here he is! Jim Speelmans-here he Is!Jim

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