Musicals in Ahoy, a feast for fans and lovers

and you will definitely not disappointed! The Ahoy has been transformed into é é n big, colorful musical Hall. No effort is spared to make it a dazzling spectacle seem out of it. That should also be with a stage of 45 meters wide and wings of 17 metres high. That are close to the beginning of the show and throughout the show they go open and projected images. For the show are 400 costumes made and every evening there will be 550 people cooperate to the show.

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Also for those who have not so at home in the world of the musical is fun to you an evening long to indulge by grand spectacle in which beautiful sets, costumes and rich exposure are of great importance. You will be treated to a musical world tour (which is also the theme of Musicals in Ahoy 2006) full of highlights from famous hitshows from all over the world. It is all served by a large group of BN \ ‘ ers: \ ‘ \ ‘ old hands and new and young talent. You see Anita Meyer, Tony Cousin, Joke de Kruijff, Danny de Munk and Stanley Burleson, Kim-Lian van der Meij, Chantal Janzen, Jamai Loman and not to mention Nurlaila Karim. She is by none other than the American singer and musical star Vanessa Williams (which \ ‘ \ ‘ is a special guest in the show) asked for the second voice to sing of the world hit ” Save The Best For Last ” . Vanessa itself has with ” Kiss of a Spider Woman ” from the musical and ” More ” from Dick Tracey total no problem to win the audience in Ahoy.

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Musicals in Ahoy is a true spectacle that moves and rushes. For every spectator there is a special moment of recognition in. With so many show and I am sure you will experience an unforgettable evening star there in Ahoy. Musicals in Ahoy is to see until 28 may

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