Berni Oca goes for ' all or nothing '


Oca, which has in the salons Zeeuws Flanders Holly and Terneuzen, owes his election to its strong collection with international allure. He may now make a photoshoot for the magazine Coiffure and wins a trip for two to Brazil ë.Did you expect that you would win? No, that I had not really expected. There are two thousand photo’s submitted, so you never know. This year I have my neck outstretched for the show.Can you tell something more about? I have this year opted for a multicultural collection, with a blonde, red, Asian and African Lady. It was there on or below. All or nothing. But both nationally and internationally, they found it quite progressive.How to get on so \ ‘ n idea? I get my inspiration from the smallest things. In my salons I come more and more cultures against. In this collection, I wanted to show the beauty of each culture. It’s just a piece of creativity.Do you like you purely with the hairstyle in progress or are you also involved in photography, make-up and styling? It’s all about the total package. Luckily I have in recent years collected very good people around me. They understand me. I personally have always been a picture of how it should be. I send them and they translate it. That’s pretty well, because we really é n é on line.How does it feel now to \ ‘ \ ‘ to be Hairdresser of the Year 2006? That remains a very special feeling. In 2004, I was of course already, but it is still very special.

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What does this mean for you? Of course I already do much at this time at the international level, but I hope that many more doors open for me. That international really attracts me.You can let your salons or only? I have very good people around me. When I’m abroad, they can even without me. High, they are also all very strong. It is so very good, even though I’m gone.Your team has won an award for the best team. What is the secret behind it? Most have been working from early on in the salon. It is here no Dovecote. Everyone works here with pleasure. My staff is also growing with me. I also give them that chance. They are allowed to photo shoots and shows. You don’t get that chance in other salons. I get applications from across the country. Everyone wants to work for me. A guy from Nijmegen is even moved to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, because he so badly wanted to work with me. There I get a kick out of it. So do you collect just the best people around you.Zeeuws-Vlaanderen or not is too small for you? Very often people ask me why I don’t go to Amsterdam. I have also been a number of times had a chance to start there, but I live here just quite like. I love the people. Of the environment. Antwerp is near and I have just a lot of loyal customers. Not that I leave in the lurch. I can also no longer do in a week, then I can. Holly is that I put on a map is certain.What is the trend of this summer? We’re going to see a lot of light tones, blond variants. All colors are close to each other. Short or long doesn’t matter anymore. We also make a very diverse collection, so there really is something for everyone in between. You also can’t say you must have short hair in the summer and in the winter long, that you get not for each other.Did you actually take time to enjoy your price because you are already in the salon? Yes, but I am perhaps also something a newbie to. I am a real David. I just stay with both feet on the ground, because fame and fame can be so over. for a in-depth report about

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