Dave: Patrick " and music are my two great loves "

What did you always so drawn in France? I am actually ended up by chance. Always I hate predictability had in my life. I didn’t want my life was mapped out. At one point I met my great friend Joost. Together we had the idea to go boating, far away from Netherlands. We wanted to go to Russia, to the Crimea. So far we are never materialized. I’m at one point by Board remained in France and I am gone then.Was that coincidence that you ended up there? Yes pure coincidence. We had decided through the rivers and channels to sail to Russia. We came so also by France. There came the moment that I decided that the roads of Joost and would separate me. We had a wonderful friendship, only it never came to a relationship because Joost was not gay. At one point I said: sorry Joost I love you and you’ll find me just nice.And when you went your own way each? It was a difficult decision, where I’ve had problems with it for a very long time, but there was no other way. I was in France and tried to find my way there. At one point I met Patrick and we are now together for 25 years. He writes my songs and now is my great love. In addition to the music of course.Can you tell about your new plate \ ‘ Tout Le Plaisir A Ete Pour Moi \ ‘? It’s my most personal album to date. The songs are written by Patrick, he knows me better than anyone. I can almost say that my entire life in this record is. It is at least the most authentic so far. For example, \ ‘ \ ‘ Mademoiselle Lucy goes about our dog, which at the die was when we were busy with the plate. That has a kind of stamp put on the album.There is also a special song on for Joost huh? Yes and that song is actually by chance on come. Joost is four years ago and this song I see as a kind of nod to him. \ ‘ Copain Mon Amour \ ‘ is a song that already was 1969. The songs for the record were actually all ready and I was just what to play. That was \ ‘ Copain Mon Amour \ ‘ and we decided to add it at the last minute on the plate. In retrospect, I am very happy that it ended up on the cd, I find it a very nice song. How do you look back now on you carri è re? I’m very happy with how it went. I’ve never felt as a pressure, but more as something that happened to me \ ‘ \ ‘ is. When I was little I was lying in my bed all songs to sing, but I never thought I would ever make another carri è re as a singer. I have actually never had ambitions in that direction. But when it happened I could enjoy it. And now still of course! Yet you still maintain your independence and not send you stay. That’s right at all. I have always been a hate my life mapped out in advance was that had. That is why I am at any given moment with my study stopped. I would rather go in search of the unknown as I have done. My motto is still ‘ carpe diem ‘ seize the day. I’m still that ‘ beatnik ‘ from then on, the rebel who you determined square could stop. And so I will always remain. Order online for only 19.99! Dave nosave: & quot; Patrick and music are my two great loves & quot;  Dave: & quot; Patrick and music are my two great loves & quot; Tout Le Plaisir A Ete

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