My date with Drew

Brian decides his mission, either \ ‘ his way to Drew’s, to capture on camera. Along with 1100 dollars he won in a quiz, an expensive video camera he within 30 days is to bring back to the store and two friends of film school he goes to work. Then begins the stress only really because of how rule your world within thirty days a date with a famous actress that you don’t even know personally? Brian and his friends try in different ways to reach people that somehow in contact with Drew itself or someone in her immediate vicinity. So you see the actors Eric Roberts (Julia’s brother) and Corey Feldman (a.o. The Goonies) passing by and brings the Drew crew \ ‘ a visit to the beautician of the actress. In the meantime try Brian also to prepare for the possibility that he will soon face to face with the woman he admires for years and that is not easy. He takes even a personal trainer in the arm to get fit for a possible date. To Drew of their project, the crew made a trailer of the documentary, which they send to the film company of Drew. A comment remains out and time is running out. As a last resort they make a Web site that people can respond and tips can leave behind for Brian, but this should not benefit because the thirty days are over and the video camera should return it to the store. The project seems to fail but if it turns out that the website is very popular decisions to get the guys the same trick again and buy \ ‘ \ ‘ again a video camera to film the rest of their mission. Then comes a phone call from the business partner of Drew with the announcement that Drew cares about the project and Brian invites you to come to New York for a date. How this date eventually expires and what surprise Drew has for Brian you have to go and see on the dvd that comes out on May 23, 2006. This documentary is really very nice to see and I understand why this has also won a number of awards at various film festivals. Brian is a very spontaneous, cute guy that shows that dreams really can come out as long as you believe in it.

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My date with Drew Publisher: Indies Time: 90 minutes list price: 9.99 euro Advice age: all ages

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