X-Men 3: The Last Stand

at the school of Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), the young mutants prepared for the fight that they ever have in their lives. Most mutants in this feel blessed with their forces, they can finally protect mankind against the mighty Magneto (Ian McKellen). There are, however, some mutants that see their gifts as an obstacle and hope for a better life. Then a news item stating that there a means has been found that the gifts of mutants removes and are for the first time in their lives for an important choice. It’s medicine \ ‘ comes from a boy with the gift of mutants again people. He is closely guarded in the former Alcatraz. By this particular little boy creates a battle between the different views of the brothers Xavier and Magneto. The latter would like to use a mutant who gave in class 5, the most powerful that exists.

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Storm (Halle Berry) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) turn off the help of Beast, who is working for the Ministry of mutants. Together with the young mutants they go into battle with Magneto and his dedicated assistance, Mystique (Rebecca Romijn). The purpose of Magneto to kidnap the boy and put an end to the gift of this fellow mutant. The X-Men are doing everything to stop Magneto and this makes for some impressive sc è nes. X-Men 3 is a film using the most innovative special effects that make for a great spectacle. In addition to action there is also room for humor and poignancy. It’s good to have the characters from part 1 and 2 to see back, in addition we also acquainted with new characters that have special gifts. Despite occasionally prevent é è nes in moderate sc clich, surpassing the film the previous parts. Seen the end I expect we do not have to take farewell of the heroes from X-Men. Generally you should really love the genre, but this third part is definitely worth it! It is advisable to first look part 1 and 2.Image removed by redactieX-Men 3: The Last Stand with Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Famke Janssen Director: Brett Ratner time: 105 minutes from 25 may at the cinema

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