The beauty of Marike Jager

Small songs that should entice the listeners and the music sucked: of singer-songwriter Marike Jager, Henk Jan Heuvelink (keys) and Ipo Vega (drums) is defined. After listening to The beauty around should also I agree that I am a bit enchanted by Marike and friends further. The temptation is great and compelling by the jazzy overtones that the lower abdomen itch as butterflies do. This is not on the whole record sound the songs so, every now and then something to sober, but in other tracks is this weather more than offset. Fling flack toodah is even against the exaggerated jazz feeling to it. While Focus the example is a refreshing rain shower on a balmy spring evening. This album as a whole is a breath of fresh air amongst all the baloney that you can find in the music stores. Very varied and an original plate that lovers of the singer-songwriter genre certainly appreciate. Tracklist: 01. Thougts of today 02. Remember 03. Lizzy 04. Hide & seek II 05. Fling flack toodah! 06. Space 07. The beauty around 08. Focus 09. Peculiar 10. Reducer 11. Bittersweet 12. Hide & SeekMarike Hunter The beauty around Morning Coffee Records V2 Records running time: 42 minutes Website: Marike Jager order Online! the beauty of nosave Marike Jager  the beauty of Marike Jager

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