Bounce, relax and swoon with Rihanna

To its members in any case will not lie down. Rihanna is \ ‘ \ ‘ discovered by Jay-Z and sings under the care of Def Jam recordings, a label where also great stars like Kanye West, Ja Rule and Ashanti are coming from. A comparison with the latter artist is made soon, if only to the almost identical appearance of the two ladies. Just like Rihanna’s appearance at a cursory glance easy to confuse with the looks of Christina Millian: the two did have sisters can be. But with her new album let the onrushing talent hear that she is more than just a copy of the current crop of young, beautiful and successful singers.A Girl Like Me opens nice and spicy with Rihanna’s recent hit SOS, a song just that catchy is by the sample of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love on which the track supports. In ” Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Selfish Girl let Rihanna then of her reggae-like side, while We Ride again very good at street of Jennifer Lopez in her R & B era would fit. With Rihanna Break It Off uses the style of the \ ‘ Dancehall \ ‘, a genre which has become familiar with Sean Paul. This Jamaican artist offers reinforcement in this number. All in all, a track where you not long remain silent! But with the above list is not all about Rihanna said. On A Girl Like Me to be able to handle it appears they also very well with her sensitive side. This is Unfaithful, a tightly produced, but very good listenable ballad. The same goes for Final Goodbye and A Million Miles Away. On A Girl Like Me missing it so not to variation. Rihanna on her fourteen tracks counting CD convincingly told that she is able to practice different genres. Rice only the question: is this wide range of styles a conscious choice of the artist, or is she just still looking for what’s best in hair? However, this question little influence on your listening enthusiasm, quite the contrary: the large variation is ultimately the power of the CD. Swinging songs with beats alternate with sensitive ballads and laidback tracks. The only thing that Rihanna can be reproached, is that its Bonus Track If it’s Lovin ‘ That You Want \ suspiciously like Baby Boy by é, Yes, Beyonc Knowles. But since it is a remix of a song by the singer her first album, it is forgiven. I also think A Girl Like Me though a CD you will appreciate more as you listen him more often, but that’s not necessarily a bad sign: for me is true generally that I end up the most impassioned keep my \ ‘ \ ‘ wen-CD’s. And although I normally am not so charmed by surplus R & B started out, know this ë even me n Mrs neuri and hips to get running! Conclusion: Rihanna proves that they stand out from its rivals, so Ashanti, Britney and Beyonc é: be aware, because here is Rihanna a girl like …! Rihanna A Girl Like Me running time: 54 minutes Label: Def Jam recordings list price: 23.99 euro order Online for only 19.99! bounce nosave, relax and swoon with Rihanna  bounce, relax and swoon with Rihanna


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