Interview: Ferry Corsten

How are you? It goes very well with me. I am glad that my album is finished, I can finally from sunshine in the dark studio again. I have worked on the album one and a half years, alternating with run and tours around the world.Is that not bothering to combine? Yes, especially if you look just delicious in it and then again for a couple of weeks away. Then you will want to finish first, but fortunately the actually prefer I can also do a lot on my laptop so that I can when I’m on the go further.Where do you get your inspiration from? That can be anything, such as music, but also a place where I am. Sometimes I just ping in the studio and then comes something cool out. Every now and then it is something too much, because I can really see anywhere in a rhythm. When I walk, I pay attention even to the rhythm of my footsteps.Satisfied with your new album? I now have a lot of things done, of the rampestamp work to trance. Now I had the urge to curl up on a free way to be able to produce and that, I believe, did manage.Save your than to have a new path? No, with Punk and Rock Your Body Rock I have the last time all the step in that direction in that line I just go on. So it is not totally innovative. See it more as a refinement. I just create my own sound. Always been dj/producer want to be? The love of music I discovered when I was ten years old. It all started as a hobby. Very small with a few pictures, later, turntables and I learned more and more people know. In a small studio I started producing my own music. That was really the ultimate goal that at that time I had in mind.And when the ball went rolling? Yes, I produced more and more and songs were also released. The urge to success was getting larger. I wanted more. That came in 1999 with ‘ Out of the blue ‘. From that moment I got requests from all over the world. Since I had really never thought of that. That went so very quickly? Yes, open the floodgates really went in 1999. Actually, I was no dj, but I was suddenly in big clubs to run. Every now and then I thought ‘ wait a minute ‘, but it all went so fast.What do you prefer to produce or running? Naturally I’m really a producer. The last time goes running and produce really hang in hand. I also think it is very fine to a time to sit in the studio and then to go on the road again. I could also just run my own sets and when I turn I see things around me where I can proviteren’s as a producer. And if you really have to choose? Then I choose to produce and the 51% 49% for turning.Where do you run the sweetest? ë In Argentina. As they watch, they are also to a football match when going out. They’re going to really completely loose. That is really crazy. I also think it is fine to run in Netherlands. Netherlands is really a festival country, which is also quite fine.You have worked with many people, what was now the most fun? Most collaborations going just over the internet. But with Ti ë sto I enjoyed a lot in the studio. We made together plates under the name Gouryella. We did purely for fun there was no urge behind. That was also very nice. With Bono, I would once again want to cooperate, that’s really my desire.Your wife is also your manager. How is that? That’s nice, but also difficult. It’s strange to by your wife is worth noting a certain direction. It is also very fine, because in this way we can do it together and at each other. It tends to avoid the table still have about work, but then it says é é n of us fast: tomorrow is another day. If the door of the Office closes, we’re just a couple.Where do you dream of? My wife is Filipino. It seems to us to be very nice to have a good exotic place for ourselves.

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