The Beach Road

Jane is an unhappy, lonely and unattractive girl that horrible things has endured in her young years. After the death of her mother she comes to live with her grandparents and goes with lead in her shoes to a new school; afraid to be bullied again. Beverly is her polar opposite in everything; rich, handsome, popular and on the eye as happy. For Jane the unreachable from the main character most beautiful fairy tale. By a major event during a sunny holiday hits Beverly off balance and uncertain. She is looking for support in the colorless Jane who adores her. A very strange friendship, but the girls have there both benefit from this. Jane polishes with her worship the self confidence of Beverly on and taste itself lucky to finally get to hear from a group. If the plastic seem to collapse into one another threatens world of Beverly and Jane are more desperate than ever to her fairy tale continues to cling, can have a dramatic end inevitable. Sarah Diamond took out the inspiration for this touching debut from her own dramatic youth. On a very poignant way she describes the group behavior of vulnerable adolescent girls. About the huge impact of shedding, prejudice, bullying, the fall outside the group or belonging. But also about loneliness, insecurity, depression and friendships. The tough reality of girls under each other; sometimes so innocent and sometimes so dangerous. This very well written story captivated me almost immediately by the honest and penetrating way of writing. The story is interspersed with flashbacks that chronologically and only Jane’s past reveal little by little. The perspective changes with the chapter and though I don’t love changing perspectives, I found this theme an asset. Diamond grip in this way the chance to make the reader more insight into the feelings of teenage girls. That the Beach Road is largely based on the wretched school experiences of Diamond itself, is of course sad but at the same time the power of the book. Sarah Diamond has this gripping experiences in each case on a very moving way managed to bring out.Image removed by redactieSarah Diamond the strandweg 239 pages all about the 20 Publishing House: ISBN: 90- -9192-X 229 list price: 17,50 euro  the beach road  the beach road strandwegSarah

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