Through thick and thin

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are two closely related disorders that we especially in girls and young women face. Usually they are caused by the fear of being thick or to be. That fear dominates the life of the pati ë nt. their self-esteem depends on how they look and how much they weigh. That fear can you compare a phobia. Maybe this sounds all very vague. And it is also far too short by the bend to all cases about é é n comb to shave, but in through thick and thin to get behind how it really is and what the condition is. Professor Walter Vandereycken has written this book for pati ë patients. According to him, they learn to know and understand themselves better if they read the book, but also for relatives is a very very good book.Through thick and thin is a book about a medical topic, yet all very bright and clearly explained. The most important aspects of these eating disorders are all explained. Be concise, so you don’t get lost in all sorts of useless information. You can read more about in through thick and thin the characteristics, consequences and treatment options of these eating disorders. In addition, you can read not only facts. As a reader you get through some short texts an picture of the life of a pati ë nt. you can test if it goes well with your food and weight. There is also a test for the environment: \ ‘ would they have an eating disorder? \ ‘. Through thick and thin is an interesting book. The number of pages is limited, so it also reads through it easily. Image removed by through thick and thin redactieWalter Vandereycken 72 pages Publisher: Inmerc ISBN: 90-6611-944-6 list price: 14,95 euro order Online! through thick and thin  through thick and thin through thick and dunW.


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