Ronaldinho ' s Samba Goal

In the run-up to the World Cup, the Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho still some time left to put together a cd with his favorite Brazilian songs. As his choice of music is just as good as his technique on the football field, this should be a great swinging cd. Ronaldinho is finally é n é of the most talented footballers of the moment. He won with his club Barcelona a while back still Spanish title and the Champions League. At the 2007 World Championships, he goes with the Brazilian team for the Grand Prize. In 2002 he won this award even though along with the Brazilian national team. Full of anticipation I listen to the first showing of the cd. It sounds nice, but still not as swinging as I expected. Ronaldinho even sings a tune on the first issue. In the cd booklet, the inscription written out and translated. How do you advise it: this is a song about football. Fortunately, I understand there is little of it, so it bothers me at all that he sings. As I have listened to more songs, I start to sway and neuri ë n. sit still is quite difficult as number eight \ ‘ \ ‘ Taj Mahal out of my speakers sounds. Almost nine minutes long I move along to the rhythm. The melody continues to hang in the days after my head. Every time I turn the cd, I look forward to number eight. This is a delicious summer cd, but I’m something swingender had expected. No sense in football on tv? Then put this cd on and dance through the room.Track list: 1. SambaTri & Ronaldinho Go ú cho-Gallagher 2. Caetano Veloso-Meia-Lua Inteira-1989 3. Ivete Sangalo-Festa 4. Zeca Pagodinho-Deixa A Vida Me Levar 5. MC Leozinho-Ela S ó Pensa Em Beijar (Se eu ç o ç a, ela than) 6. Babado Novo-Bola the Sab ã o 7. Tamba Trio-Mas Que Nada 8. Jorge Ben Jor-Taj Mahal (Unplugged) 9. Jeito Moleque-Meu Jeito Moleque (Live) 10. Rapazolla Rakat, Wisin & Yandel-á 11. Chiclete Com Banana-Gilberto Gil 12. ê-Thedy Correa After Cad ncia Do Samba (Que bonito é) 13. Alcione-Um Ser De Luz 14. Peguei Um Ita No Norte Salgueiro Samba School-Image removed by editors Samba Goal powered by R10 running time: 55 minutes and 40 seconds Label: Universal Music list price: € 12, 99www. ronaldinhogaucho. com order online for only 7.99! nosave Ronaldinho & # 039; s Samba Goal  Ronaldinho & # 039; s Samba Goal Samba

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