Ted Andrews-Luis to animals workbook

it is not an easy book to through it. The beginning is already confusing; a story in which the writer tells that in a dream are red-tailed Hawk tells him that their horse has given birth to a foal. Throughout the book you come against more such anecdotes, and the link with the next chapter is not always clear. The book begins with a chapter on messengers. According to Ted Andrews is the man forgot to listen to nature, and each animal has a certain quality, we have to spend at the moment we see the animal. For example, if you see a vulture, you can expect changes in your digestive system. This is the same set the tone. Possibly this is a great book for those who really interested in the spiritual and the occult ge ï is, for the sober reader, however, some comparisons far-fetched and somewhat surprising about it.

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Some examples: If you are afraid of spiders and you have difficulty asserting yourself at work, you should, if there is a problem, do what the spider does; direct, no make detours. You should apply the qualities of the animal where you are afraid of. According to Ted Andrews, it’s good to know how to correct the problem. If you encounter while crows you have problems, then look at how crows proceeding; in groups. So seek help and form a group for the problem. Some other things the book you’ll learn: make your own Holy power shield; as a result, you activate your creative life force and you strengthen your energy ë n, and bring you these in balance. Raven-and owls making masks, and as a result improve intu ï tive and creative abilities and developing strong links with Raven and OWL. And you create your sacred journey staff among other creative energy stimulates ë n in yourself.

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Finally, Ted Andrews takes the view that the relatively simple is your wishes come to let go. Almost the only thing left to do is your mind as a magic wand, and not let you hold back by negative thoughts. If you do then your wish in a feather breathe and this a day or four … leave, everything will be alright.But you should of course make your resume up to date, send a cover letter and the conversation well before your chance at your dream job. Because nothing goes without saying, not even using a wish spring.Ted Andrews workbook to Luis Animals 224 pages Publisher: Altamira-Becht BV ISBN: 90-6963-705-7 list price: 24.20 euro

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