Exclusive: missing and Murdered; Tinka Viljoen

It is Thursday evening 10 June

, I have worked to mid-9. My mobile phone is at 9 am, it is Henk Roovers by de recherche: ‘ Mari ë lle, where are you? Are you home? We need your help! ‘, ‘ Oh, ‘ I say, ‘ when? ‘ ‘ now! And I want you from this moment with no one more call! ‘ it sounds severe. ‘ Ok é, ” I say, all the way from battle. I hang up and say to my friend: ‘ Ed, I have now come to Breda, to the police station. ‘ I start to vibrate, to cry, and to smoke. I call: ‘ she’s dead, Ed, my sister is dead! ‘ my friend responds quickly. He cites the achterbuur woman to on the children. And away we are, jogging pants to, wet hair and not made up. An agent that we have to drive softer gestures on the go. Yes, really, I think, and I shake no to the agent. Probably he sees that I cry and quite upset, because we may continue with 150 km per hour. When we arrive at the bureau has wanted me since Edwin. They can also still live, hear Mari ë lle! Maybe they found her, with amnesia or something like that. Who knows! They would call you in bad è n good news, right? So it can both hear Mari ë, lle, go well not of the worst from! Indeed we have agreed at the beginning of the week with the police that they would call me first, so I though would be at my parents and not have to come all the way from Nieuwerkerk yet if there was something to report. My tears have been dried up and I hope my sister on the desk on the grounds. We walk in and I look around, so of: where is your well? After a minute or 5 are we met and we go up. We take a seat in a room along with the detectives Henk Rahman and Jan Lai. Then takes Hank Word: ‘ We have a corpse found in the Biesbosch and we have the suspicion that this goes. ‘ that’s impossible, Tinka I think. Then I get a list of the Detective with some characteristics of the body that they have found. -female-fog canine-silicone breasts-blue jeans and white Adidas shoes-white Terry cloth short socks Slowly penetrates the terrible reality hit me. The list goes on:-Hennes and Mauritz lingerie-white t-shirt by Donna Karan jacket-green with aqua-gel nails-1.73 long-tattoo in form of braid around right ankle!! Everything’s right … This should Tinka are… ” well, I don’t know, ” I say yet. I just don’t want that my little sister is dead!! ‘ It can also be a different, right? ” I say against Edwin. ‘ Well, ‘ he says, ‘ I don’t know, hear Mari ë lle, everything is right. ‘ the detectives see it to and then let us see the jewelry that they have picked up from the body. Apparently they want to remove all doubt. A number of rings and bracelets to see what we get. Below that is also a new bracelet. Tinka has made him the Sunday before her disappearance still proud to show me. The letters J and T are engraved: Jeroen and Tinka… ‘ no!!!’ I yell and I let my head fall on the table. ‘ No!!!’ My little sister, like dirt dumped in the Biesbosch! ‘ Is she real? ” ‘ Yes, Mari ë lle, ” says Edwin, ” she’s the real. ‘ And we burst into tears together. The detectives are as quiet as a mouse. I have just confirmed their suspicions, they have incredible with us to do so. And now … To tell my parents, that their daughter was dead … This is the most horrible night of my life. How do I do that, my father gets fixed a heart attack, is the first thing I think, and my mother collapses completely in. How the hell I am going to tell … When we arrive at the parking lot at my parent’s House I don’t want inside. I dare not. I cry and am completly by the world. I could go on as a doctor I think clearly that a question, and a precaution to ambulance for my father and mother. This they do not survive, I think … I have two children and I imagine with me what would happen if I would get to hear that my son or daughter would be killed. I would go crazy! If a doctor is called and 112 is warned that they have to come immediately if necessary, we walk to the front door. I take a deep breath and ring the Bell. My mom doesnt open, Edwin and I stand in front, and behind it the detectives, Henk and Jan. ‘ Oh, ‘ she says, ‘ are you guys still come? ‘ there are been some tensions earlier that day because of an article in the daily newspaper BN de Stem, and I then asked if I had to come to help. But then sees my mother behind us the detectives are. ‘ No, h è, ‘ stammers them, ‘ no, it’s not true, no h è h è?!’ I walk inside, look my mom and cry. ‘ Mama, Quiet quiet..’ è ‘ No h?!’ I nod of Yes, I get the word not from my throat. My mom calls: ‘ Cees, come! ‘ I’m going to my father in the room and look at him. ‘ Mom I am not Further to … ” . ‘ Pappa…. ‘ Edwin loves my mother now fixed. As Hank and Jan enter the room drops my father on the ground. My mother falls down on a Chair. Papa calls: ‘ bunch of bastards! They have killed my child!!’ He hits against walls and chairs and collapses again. My parents, Edwin and I cry like little children. It is terrible!! The doctor arrives and gives us a sedative. Only after an eternity there has been talk. The detectives tell you what happened. Also my parents get to see the jewelry. My mother recognize anything, apart from the new bracelet and a ring that Tinka only recently bought. Not until a few days later I tell it to my son Mikey. It is a horrible task, he was very fond of his aunt Tainya. Mikey know people die when they are old, or very ill. But his aunt? There is nothing with it on? That’s not old nor sick! Tinka has had a serious accident that we say and that the doctor could help her in the hospital. That aunt Tainya so in heaven and that it is very beautiful there. That they can see us always and good on us will watch it… Soon on Vrouw.nl a moving interview with Mari ë lle.Image removed by editors  nosave exclusive: missing and Murdered; Tinka viljoen order this book online for 9.95!

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