Missing and murdered: Tinka Viljoen

What do you do when your daughter suddenly disappeared? If no one has heard anything more of her? Her car is nowhere to be found? She has left behind her house as if they were just gone, but now points out that they all her pill-almost a week has been not at home. That something is not right ë lle Mari knew right away. So is her sister Tinka not. When she’s on her pc also sees all sorts of messages by Tinka’s new flame Jeroen, they sure know that something is wrong. On to the police station to report the loss of her sister to do. Tinka and Mari’s parents now also fly ë lle on the motorway from the South of France to Breda. Because this is a adult woman goes the vermissings case, the police only a week after the disappearance seriously. That more is going on, is for the family or for sure. They go yourself to investigate. Search for the car. But they find no evidence. Tinka’s friends also say nothing to know. Until on 9 June the police contact Mari ë lle. If they want to come to the police station. There is tell her that a body found in the Biesbosch. They call characteristics found on the woman. A broken canine tooth, a tattoo around her right ankle, silicone breasts. That is her sister. Although they initially disbelieve. The detectives know better; This is Tinka, everything checks out. The news that Tinka ë lle may tell Mari is found. In the book you read the poignant diary fragment. Now is their nightmare come true. Tinka is murdered. By whom? How? Why? The family has all kinds of questions, but the police can not answer in the interest of the investigation. Ask where the offender only answer to know, will it hushed up. Nothing should release. The media circus trots on. Tinka is labeled as a criminal. Her father describes in the book his impotence; his daughter was not a criminal. There is becoming more well-known. Arno n. is arrested. He was just the person who immediately ready for their. He went along to her house. All the pieces fall slowly by little in the right place in the puzzle. Tinka’s father describes the progress of the case in his book. He describes the interrogations and the further course of action. Nothing he goes out of the way. Not even the gruesome details about the murder of his daughter. \ ‘ Missing and murdered: Tinka Viljoen \ ‘ is a gripping book. In the news we all heard something about the murder on this beautiful, young woman. In this book you can read the real story. The story of a broken father that doorvecht to the end. Sometimes do you think you read a thriller, but unfortunately this horror story reality. Every now and then I can not restrain my tears. This book is so well written. You will be sucked into the emotions of the family. So you feel a little bit of the pain that this family will feel forever. Their child is taken away from them forever.Image removed by redactieVermist and killed: Tinka Viljoen-the story of her father presented by: Jaap Jong blood Publishing House: Rebel ISBN: 90-808267-9-0 list price: 9,95 euro  missing and murdered nosave: Tinka viljoen order this book online for 9.95!

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