I had the band name Johan ever heard, but not more. Until I recently received an email asking if I wanted to add them to my friends list on They seemed to be sympathetic, so I did meet that request. Then again, no more to Johan thought until I heard from their new cd. THX JHN is a wonderful cd. When listening I got the same feeling as when I first Satellites by Vega4 heard; How is it possible that a band that makes such a beautiful music, not yet worldwide breakthrough? The first issue; Coming in from the Cold, is a good choice, it makes sure that you are right observant is listening. The single Oceans begins wonderfully melancholic and although it is on the one side as a little keeps gurgling, succeeds it there on the other side to hold the attention. The style of Johan is difficult to bring together under é é n denominator. Sometimes doing a song you think, another to the Beatles again more to the 80 ‘s. The following has something more of Britpop, then back to the 70 ‘s while you think. But all the songs sound nice and melodic, and I think you can call it nothing but the Johan-style.

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Sometimes the songs sound very obvious and you can, if you have background music just like on, get the idea that you are in an easy listening session is, but surely you become then again awakened by another number, that you stop doing what you’re doing, turning the volume button higher. THX JHN is also a tribute to all Johan-fans, who twice had to wait for five years on a new cd. And in particular of Marta ë from Argentina, which is also on the cover. Marta had ever by a Dutch penpals Pergola (the previous cd by Johan) and was as they say, equal \ ‘ captured by the magic of Johan \ ‘. After an extensive exchange of letters with Johans record company Excelsior records, she was invited to come at the expense of Excelsior to Netherlands and a performance by Johan to attend and meet the band members! Marta is, however, not the only one who thanks Johan. Inside the cd case you will find many more fans from various European countries, all of which with the sign THX JHN are put on the picture.

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There are actually only two drawbacks to mind. The first is that there is no lyrics in the cd are. The second is that the official website of Johan ë who is listed on the cd: has no content apart from upcoming performances, and, unfortunately, does not refer to the onoffici ë le site:, which does a lot of information offers. But all that does not detract from the quality of this cd; delicious, pure pop music! A cd that actually in anyone’s collection would be missed!JOHAN THX JHN running time: 42 minutes and 42 seconds. Tag: Excelsior Records list price: 19.99 euro

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