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” the hobby of my dad is sitting. With the computer. ” (Jennifer, 7 years)

BAS westerweel-self father of four children and bundled together with children’s marketing consultant at K-Unni Lindell special children’s pronunciations of Dutch and Swedish children in \ ‘ Mama’s are a type of easy papa’s \ ‘. The result: an inspirational pocket with statements do you Tenderize and smile. Behind in the booklet are a number of blank pages added with clouds to the statements of your own children in capture.

” it’s not so much that people have different colors on their skin. The important thing is that they are the same color on their hearts. ” (Isabelle, 7 years)

The statements of the Dutch children were submitted via the website Parents can leave their children there and perhaps this best pronunciation included in the next edition of this series. The submissions that are received the booklet used gift. Appeared earlier in the same series:-Grandma’s First no lay eggs-are you man, then you become opa-some people have brain Image removed by redactieBas westerweel and Unni Lindell Mama’s are a type of easy papa’s, and other own-wisdoms of children AW Bruna 128 page’s ISBN 90-229-9165-2Kinderuitspraken order online! nosave Mama & # 039; s are a kind of easy p & # 039; s  Mama & # 039; s are a kind of easy p & # 039; s Mama’s are a type of easy papa’s

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