The shadow of the wind, City Guide

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

worked itself to this guide and explains what some spots for him mean and why he has chosen them as the backdrop. So he tells about the place that he uses for the cemetery of forgotten books: ” I have this alley used because it is one of the oldest places of the city. It is dark and mysterious. You see through the bend in the street not even know where he is going. I found that it could be here. But it is pure fantasy. ” The first eight chapters are about the most important places from the book, extensively described and supplemented with texts from the book. The Guide has many photo’s of details so you know exactly where you should be looking for. The final chapter is dedicated to practical information for visiting Barcelona. On the fold-out map at the front of the booklet are all described places with numbers clearly marked. You would be the route in a day can do, but perhaps it is more fun to the special places to spread over several days. This literary travel guide of the shade in the wind is a must-have for fans of the book of Zafon. It is not a \ ‘ \ ‘ travel guide for people who want to visit Barcelona, as the content is too specific. Also you need to have the book read, rephrase the places you too little. Although the booklet is beautiful decorated in the style of its big brother, is chosen for a Brown for the inside pressure. This is unfortunately not good for the photos and these are less clear. But the content is really wonderful, surprising and you can imagine yourself in the nostalgic Barcelona out of the shadow of the wind.Image removed by redactieDe shadow of the wind, city guide-walks through Barcelona Sabine citizen, Nelleke Yellow, Alexander Schwarz publishing house Signature 104 pages ISBN 90-5672-190-9 order Online! the shadow of the wind nosave, city guide  the shadow of the wind, city guide the shade of the

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