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the last two summers gets Timothy company of his girlfriend. When the helicopter at the end of the season arrives to retrieve them, the pilot and his girlfriend at the lifeless bodies of Timothy, near their camp. They are attacked and eaten by a hungry old grizzly bear. Director Werner Herzog film images that were available made a documentary about the life of Timothy, which not so much the Grizzly’s are central, but especially the person Timothy Treadwell. The central theme is the question: what inspires someone to thirteen years willfully é n unarmed, to cross the border between humans and animals?

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seeing the film images that Timothy has included most, we are introduced to a man who in my eyes, the reality more and more lose sight of and subject to mood fluctuations. He alienates people more and more of the world and describes the world of the Grizzly’s. He ë ert his own cre myth. The contrast between the two worlds is with the passage of years ever grimmer. Timothy feels threatened by any poachers and people who visit the Katmai National Park and is increasingly suspicious. He appoints regularly that he is willing to give his life for his bears. Nowhere in the documentary is, however, clearly has the bears protected ó h e Timothy, something that I personally have had to know. Eventually he uses the camera no longer exclusively for the filming of his surroundings, but more and more to his own inner to investigate and as personal confessional. Not only exceeds the daily limit Timothy between man and animal, but also the border between reality and fantasy is getting thinner, something that

him is ultimately fatal.

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The documentary shows in addition to the superb recordings of the grizzly bears in Alaska’s nature and the life of Timothy, also interviews with friends and family. The bonus material on the DVD shows how the film music came about. Werner Herzog, the Director, didn’t want the film music would be composed in advance. He wanted the musicians who had never before worked together, would improvise. And they did, for two days. it is nice to see how a group of musicians, including guitarist Richard Thompson (British folk-hero), improvise beautiful \ ‘ \ ‘ raw soul music knows to put down that seamlessly fits the \ ‘ \ ‘ wild soul of Timothy Treadwell.

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Who when reading the title expected to see a romantic comedy film about a man who his life between the Grizzly’s wear, will be disappointed. For anyone who is fascinated by the man behind the Grizzly Man, this documentary worth. Starting from June 22, is this DVD in the shop for sale. Grizzly Man running time: 100 minutes list price 19, 99 euro Advice age: all order Online! Grizzly man  Grizzly man

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