Bas Vlugt: Wladiwostok Mon Amour

Day dear Katja, my life has on Thursday 9 February 2006 11.29 hours taken a dramatic turn. Since that moment driving my two lives halves as ice floes drifting apart, separated by a swelling sea of tears. I can no longer see the other side for almost. Sobbing and sniffing detection I how I loved my life in the distance, the life of for Thursday 9 February 2006 11.29 hours fade in a mist of misery. And here I am mother soul lonely, abandoned and alone, deprived of my hope, deprived of a view of happiness, but above all deprived of my illusions. And how did it happen? And then in Wladiwostok nota bene, couldn’t a bit further? Thijs wanted to you of course keep for themselves at all. ” Because of great happiness and an overwhelming power fantastic feelings we have decided to act with one another in marriage. Thus agreed in Vladivostok, the most romantic city on Earth \ ‘ \ ‘, says your wedding announcement. The most romantic city on Earth. It is a communication from nothing. Even a Siberian mass grave on a drizzling Monday morning is still romantic if it would please you to there to walk along. An overwhelming power fantastic feelings. It is yet to be completely Apostolic maddening. An overwhelming power wrong è re, you’ll mean. Women like you m ó gen not at all getting married. A vague a friend somewhere in the background, that Don I still just, but Mrs R ö mer? A wedding date has not been announced yet, the couple is on the internet. That makes it even worst. That devastating uncertainty. I have traveled to Vladivostok. It’s 35 degrees below zero here and the spirit of Stalin still hangs in the drab streets. In the restaurant of my hotel they serve only white beans in tomato sauce, warmed up on a brown coal oven. Everything smells of sweaty feet and unwashed bodies. Cold food and warm beer. It fits perfectly with my state of mind. I’m waiting here at better times. That first marriage and then I’ll try to scramble. Just go to my work, getting up and going to bed. Read the sheets, counterfeit hope from reports about the first cracks in your marriage. But I know I count myself rich because you are the perfect woman and you drag that marriage in the 22nd century, you are the rock that every man wishes. But now no bullshit. Strong. That is ie. Dear Katja, on behalf of the entire Dutch people I let you go. Make the most of it. Grab and hold that happiness, it is yours. Think but not to me, I save me get through it. I grab another lukewarm glass of beer and go to the streets later. it is meanwhile 40 degrees below zero and there is a snow storm. But I’ve been meaning in a walk. Just go out and you must also have walked here damn Katja, because although the mercury drops to minus 42, it feels like spring. Wladiwostok is indeed the most romantic city on Earth.Above story comes from the just published Dutch women. In this book are the best Bas Vlugt collected columns he wrote for Viva, Panorama and! Katja, Bridget, Daphne and Georgina, they are all in Dutch women are accurately examined. Razor-sharp and full of humor, sometimes ruthless but mostly in hopeless worship let Bass Vlugt no Dutch woman not discussed. Click below to order this book for just 6.95! Bas Vlugt nosave: Wladiwostok Mon Amour  Bas Vlugt: Wladiwostok Mon Amour Dutch women Order media online for just 6.95!

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