A way of Life

after the suicide of their mother are Leigh-Anne and her brother Robbie to a home in scarcely escaped. Robbie is with a friend in a small apartment, and Leigh-Anne gefrusteerde single teen mother who sits as lonely with her daughter Rebecca in an apartment in South Wales. Rebecca’s father spends his time in prison. The young people feel let down by the society and are looking for a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in their lives. This scapegoat they find in the British authorities, in each other, but especially in the immigrant citizens. In Netherlands is one especially afraid of the radicalization of ge ï soloed Muslim young people. But A way of life shows that every part of the society can radicalize, provided enough against it. The ordinary, healthy, British boys and girls store in this film by their resentment and racist feelings all the way through: death of an innocent civilian is here the consequence. Director Amma Asante radicalisation has brought closer to home as far as I am concerned. To connect to the indigenous younger by this development, she has more meaning. In any case, it is hard not to fall in the master of \ ‘ bad young people end up on the Nick as neat students goes just a round of applause, but Asante \ ‘ worthy step further. This happens thanks to the acting performances by Stephanie James: she plays her role as Leigh-Anne namely quite convincing. As a viewer you have to hate this character, on the one hand, by what they knew on her, but on the other hand forces you to sympathize with Leigh-Anne James. And that makes it grab the radicalization to one side so inexcusable, but on the other hand somewhat understandable. As far as I am concerned is A way of life a movie you must see. Because as the tagline of the film reads: In real life there are no happy endings and that we should as lazy movie viewers also called even realize.A way of life with Stephanie James, Gary Sheppaerd and Brenda Blethyn Time: 88 minutes list price: 11, 49 euro Advice age: 16 years and older

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