In the book are by far most paintings that according to experts, by the hand of Rembrandt. The paintings are shown over the whole width of the page, often with a detailed photo for additional explanation. The quality of the images and the thick glossy paper bring the paintings to life. But the book is not just a list of Rembrandt’s work. It is a description of his life, divided into sixteen different stages of life, from his childhood until his death. Rembrandt was born in 1606 in Leiden. He became a successful painter in this city and later in Amsterdam. There he married Saskia van Uylenburgh, who died after a long illness. After her death he had a number of mistresses and made many peaks and valleys in his personal life and è re schilderscarri with it. He died in 1669 and was without much fuss in Amsterdam’s Westerkerk buried.

Image removed by redactieDe Jewish Bride (1667) collection Rijksmuseum

D Field describes the life of Rembrandt very detailed and makes many references to the paintings of the period in question. As a result, the stories much clearer and you can find at that time felt the emotions that Rembrandt in the painting. \ ‘ Rembrandt’s a wonderful reference book that can be read also as historical narration. It gives a fascinating look at the life of the master and his work. The Edition is robust and of high quality, but if I still come up with a computer: the chosen font is very small. Obvious is chosen to give the upper hand to the images (and rightly so), but a corps size would be more readability … fisheries products ” for more information on the 400-year-old birth year of Rembrandt on removed by redactieRembrandt D Field Edition of Atrium publishing house commissioned by Elmar ISBN 90-5,947-156-3 435 page’s list price: 14,99 euro

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