The Legend of Zorro

by now, more than 10 years after the end of The Mask of Zorro Don Stallone, despite many requests from his wife Elena, still can’t get enough of the Zorro play. As soon as he suspects a conspiracy that is dangerous for the State of California ë, he can’t wait to get together with Tornado’s stable of this horse again to fight crime. This time let Elena cannot, however, by sitting and immediately sends him the divorce papers far. The love-hate relationship between Don Alejandro and Elena, action and romance were fixed in the previous film all the ingredients ë patients. That is no different in this sequence. The actiesc è nes, incidentally without so much as a drop of blood, follow each other at high speed on, as well as the verbal skirmishes between the (former) own spouses,.

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The storyline is not bad and the plot around the Knight of Aragon (a samenzwerend old European company) will be many in the current \ ‘ \ ‘ best appeal to Da Vinci mania. However unlike the first film are the various actiesc è nes no longer surprising and therefore often miss their effect. Personally I think they even often implausible, what the movie does not benefit. Positive are the acting performances of the young Mexican actor Adrian Alonso. He swears, curses and fight as a young Zorro in the CAP. And his appearance does a lot of the jokes for his account what the surprise and humor in this film thereby affecting the right.

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The extras on the DVD of this movie that are like \ ‘ the making of \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Deleted scenes are not surprising but expanded and well worth the effort. There is also the possibility to view two sc è nes from different angles, provided that your dvd player supports this feature. In short, the film is not surprising and in my opinion a clear sequence on The mask of Zorro which unfortunately shares the usual fate of many other films whose \ ‘ part 2 \ ‘ significantly less good. But, you have been too critical, you want a nice action movie with a hefty dash of romance, good visual effects and a significant portion of Antonio Banderas-Catherine Zeta-Jones, you’re with this film certainly good.The Legend of ZorroMet, among others, Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Adrian Alonso. time: 125 minutes 23.99 Rrp: euroAdviesleeftijd: 6 years order Online! The Legend of Zorro  The Legend of Zorro

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