Night Ride

the book begins with Walkers memories of the worst day in his life. He was a year or 3 when he was left behind by his mother at a fence along a country road. Now, about 15 years later, Walker leaves its foster parents in itself, take up residence in Toronto. Using an old letter and a picture where presumably his mother is on will Walker find out who his mother was and why she left him. Arrived in Toronto to get a job at a taxi know Walker Central as a taxi driver on the night ride. Together with Krista Papadopoulos, a disabled young woman who works at the same taxi centrale, he discovers little by little the dark secrets of his origins. This quest leads him by a pretty portion of Canada and even to Jamaica. The book is written from the world of Walker, but soon introduces story lines of the labile Bobby and a jaded unidentified man written through it. The big question for you as a reader, of course, is where this leads back and what do these, for Walker to make unknown, people with his past? Soon begin the exciting events to follow each other and gradually comes to know more about who Walker situation that led to that one day, about 15 years ago.

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One of the less strong sides to this book is that the personalities that play a role in this book remain relatively flat. But this book is not the only one in its genre. In addition, Nichol the chance to the atmosphere after every exciting event or disclosure yet again a bit to let down. However, this is not so dramatic that the reader is not invited to yet again further reading, looking forward to what the next twist in the tale is. In short, an exciting thriller with twists and turns, that place plays in a varied environment with as \ ‘ \ ‘ as the icing on the cake also added a small touch of romance. And for what it’s worth I have the book in … 1 strech: super book for rainy weekends, sunny terraces, the beach, on the train or on holiday!!James w. NicholNachtrit350 pages Publishing House: Luitingh, www.boekenwereld.comISBN: 90-245-5409-8Adviesprijs: 18.95 euro order Online! Night Ride  Night Ride

NachtritJ w. Nichol

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