I just wanted to be free

In I just wanted free H ü lya Kalkan tells about her life. It all starts in Germany. The country where she was born. The country where her father came to work. His wife is from Turkey to Germany, but all but established. She speaks a few words German and wants her children as orthodox Muslims growing up. H lya ü opposes the plans of her mother. She chooses her own life. Goes her own way. That’s not going without a fight. She is lured into the trap a few times, but every time she fights for her life. She does not give up. She wants a life in Germany, her native country. Here she spent her childhood. H lya ü is a very courageous woman. If you read her words, you get a powerboost. The choices you make in your life. Not another. At the time the ü with H lya all goes well, I thought; where do all those other page’s about then? All well that ends well? But then begins the toughest ordeal. Her younger brother and sister go to Turkey along with their mother, but her mother only comes home. A time without contact is missing. H lya ü lives in fear. What happened to her brother and sister? She tries everything and it succeeds her after a time to get in touch with both. She wants her little brother and sister go back to Germany, but that is not so easy. At her little brother she has it pretty easy settled. In the case of her sister there seems to be no hope to be. The despair and fear of H ü lya is very well described. You feel at every word her grief, pain, anger and fear. You want to help her, but it may not. H lya ü is strong. Her younger sister Esme as well. She is trapped within the walls of a strict Koranic school where she is trained as a real Muslim. It seems impossible to escape, especially when her mother also wants uithuwelijk. As H ü lya notes that Esme is already engaged, she knows that she has no time to waste. She picks up all her courage together and undertakes a dangerous mission to Turkey to free her sister. An exciting tour full of obstacles, but it succeeds! As a reader I am so happy that the young girl is rescued from the arms of the gluiperd where they was married off. He cheated on her before they were married. Wanted to steal her dowry. That gun you no one. I just wanted to be free is a wonderful book. I was hoping it was over the top, but this is really the life story of H ü lya. For me it is incomprehensible that parents can give to their daughter just a strange man. It’s terrible. I welcome the fact that H ü lya with this book pays attention to the problem. Nebahat Albayrak, Member of the PvdA, has an afterword written in this book that will make you even more realizes what is really going on. There is also a list of important numbers of institutions and organizations at the back of the book included help for both Netherlands and Belgium ë. I think this is also a very good idea. Often girls do not know where they’re supposed to. In short: I just wanted to be free is a very moving and beautiful, engaging, book. Fortunate to have a happy ending, because that deserve the girls!Image removed by redactieH ü lya Kalkan I just wanted free 224 pages Publisher: Mouria ISBN: 90-458-5133-4 list price: 90 € 16, order Online! nosave I just wanted free  I just wanted to be free I just wanted free zijnH. Kalkan

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