Summer of betrayal

life laughs Ned Kelly far. With great pleasure, he works as a lifeguard on the beach at Palm Beach. On the beach, he met a beautiful girl and later they speak together. Ned and Tess go lunch together and end up in her hotel room in a luxury hotel. Ned has it at all of its address, but must leave her. His friends waiting for him. Ned has agreed with his cousin Mickey and friends for a golden deal. In the large villa \ ‘ Casa De Mare \ ‘ they should steal some precious paintings. It seems like a simple char, with which they earn millions. Ned Gets a simple task. He should be the alarm installations in some villa’s off let go, so the police there goes look and not at \ ‘ \ ‘ Casa De Mare. Everything seems to be going well, but then he gets a disturbing phone call from his friends. They should quickly come together. Ned starts his car and drive past the hotel where Tess resides. There are all police car’s Ned scares. There will be nothing wrong with Tess? Yea. The nice young lady turns out to be murdered in cool blood. If they carried away is he sees under the white cloth her arm still. Ned continues its way to the House of his friends. Police everywhere to find it. There are even ambulances and cars seem. He sees four bodies be worn away. In é é n of the bags he sees his friend’s hair. They are trapped. But by whom? That he in trouble, did Ned immediately. He flees, but the FBI is it all on the track. Ned tries to stay out of the hands of the police, so that he can collect evidence. A difficult and exciting adventure full of danger is waiting for him. From that moment on would you as a reader only know how it goes. He is picking up? What is the role of FBI agent Ellie? Who has committed the murder of his friends? Is his father who spends more time in prison than at home involvement? To all my questions I wanted so I like to know the answer, that the whole book in é n é strech have. I wanted to read before going to sleep, but it’s just not in this book. After every chapter know Patterson me again so curious that I just want to read further. Always will I be wrong-footed and the closing of this horribly good book is very surprising. Patterson has a very smooth writing style and can describe the situations beautifully. He forgets no detail which I find clever, because he writes so much. No enough of Patterson? In this book you will find the first part of his new Alex Cross thriller they going to die. Fans of Patterson never perfect, because this book shows are emerging.Image removed by editors James Patterson 304 pages publishing house Summer of betrayal: AW Bruna ISBN: 90-229-9179-2 list price: 19.95 order Online! Summer of betrayal  summer of treason

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