the night of the new year the ship is hit by a huge wave, where no one seems to escape. We follow the disaster on the foot and dragged all the way in as public. After the event itself, we follow a group of ten passengers in their struggle to survive. They flee the ballroom and nightclub to try the capsized ship to leave through the shaft of the bow thrusters. And then the é of genuine adventure starts and struggles of these people, who have anything live from the ship to come.

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Director Wolfgang Peterson has really everything to let the excitement and adventure predominate in this disaster film. He appears to be able to shock as the best (charred corpses, deformed people who pass by in the water floating) and also the tension is well portrayed. Only in one thing shooting this film good lack: deepening of the characters. They stay on the surface and extremely predictable and therefore nowhere convincing. Thus you can call the acting reasonably and not more than that. But does that matter? Actually, it’s all about the tension, and in this respect is this movie 100% successful. You’re really from beginning to end on the edge of your seat. And actually, that so in a film like this the most important thing.Poseidon Director: Wolfgang Petersen Time: 99 minutes from 30 may at the cinema

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