Mariëlle van Rooij: ' ' Tinka was not a criminal!

The young, beautiful Tinka Viljoen is on 26 May 2004 was last seen in her hometown of Breda. The police think that they initially will be available soon. It is, after all, an adult woman. The family know immediately that something is not right. Mari ë lle tells: Tinka was always reachable, even,, \ could always call your hair at night. Her phone never stood out. Now though, which I found very strange. When I went to her house to see if they might have been there, I knew it was wrong. It was nothing for Tinka to just to leave without something to make themselves heard. Still, I keep hope, especially after the episode of missing. People had seen her. It could therefore not other than that they would be found quickly. In retrospect turned out to be false hope it all.Two weeks after her disappearance was a call by the detective that you had to come quickly to the Office. Then what went through you? I had agreed with the detectives that they would call me first, both good and bad news. When he was on the phone asked if I still wanted to come, I asked when to Breda. He said: now. I thought it happened, began to shake and screamed. My then friend Edwin convinced me in the half hour that we were from Rotterdam to Breda in the car that it doesn’t have to be bad news. They would me finally have brought up to date with all the news. When we cleanse the Office, I wondered where they would sit.How did it on the desk? To the faces of the detectives was nothing to read. They looked so serious while they told about a corpse that they had found in the Biesbosch. I thought, what have I to do with it. They had a list of characteristics of the victim and read this on. all points agreed, but still I wanted to not realize. When she told about the tattoo I was shocked. I was there when they put him. I still had hope. There were extracted to hair ornaments; I recognized everything. At that time I collapsed in.And when? After I added was, we went to my parents. Normally I go in there, because I myself have a key, but at that time I dared not even ring the Bell. That day there was a big picture in the regional newspaper. My mother found it but nothing and we had talked about it there. I had said that I would come, but that did not need. When I now for the door was, she asked if I had come there for now anyway. That her daughter was dead, I couldn’t get out of my throat. My mother called my father there. He collapsed immediately on the ground. It was awful. Fortunately we had warned, the doctor, who was quick to give them a tranquilizer. My ex has phoned family members, friends and acquaintances that evening to tell it. We did not want that they would read in the newspaper the next morning. Everyone came, but you may not actually support each other. My father did not want to sleep, because I was afraid that he was going to do crazy things, I stayed awake. I dared not only to let him.Relieved that they found is so fast? Yes, I am very happy that they found is already after two weeks. It seems to me terribly if you after years still know nothing. Those weeks were bad. Every time you watched or you saw her. You drive even behind cars to, because you think it is. On all watch you. I don’t even want to think that had lasted for many years. Fortunately, the recherche this research done very quickly.

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You also went with steps and knew that lazy too. Tinka you had for their warned? I have her to, but she was warned numerous times after ï ef. She was flattered by the attention of all those nice men. They were handsome men with suits for money, but nothing in terms of content they suggested. Fifty euro gratuity? It was nothing. Surely this is not normal, but not see Tinka wanted. That something would happen to her, I had never expected. I also knew not that they sat in the weed.Tinka helped when cutting weed plants. In the media was busy here about speculated. What did you think of that? My little sister would belong to the underworld according to some media of Brabant. It is horrible to read. First you lose it and then you get the stories also look across it. We are there really hurt to. Tinka was not a criminal! Tinka was not a bad man, that we want to make it clear by our story to tell. My father thought it was time to tell how it really was, because in the media have been so many false stories about her. So she was not. The book is very nice. I’m really proud of my dad. It is, of course, confronting, but we have so much police files read. Between é é sat n file even a picture of how they found. That was terrible.How’s life after that event further? In the period after Tinka was found, I have a lot of support from my friends. I couldn’t very well talk about it with Edwin and two good girlfriends were always ready for me. They provided me distraction had and not just sat at home. When I get to my parents was, I showed me greatly. I wanted to comfort them. Saw my grief didn’t want them. For my father it was extra difficult, because he has received very little support from his family. That I find so very. You lost your daughter first, you get that across it. Fortunately, he has a lot of support from friends. Even former students have sent notes.And your children I wanted for my kids too are a cheerful, happy Mommy. My son was six at the time. He knew Donna quite well. Was very fond of her. I could not tell him that she was dead. That is why I told that they had had an accident, my ex has helped me there then at. He is afraid of crooks, so he knows the real story yet. That is difficult. Sadness was the sense that dominated, but we are also evil. How can these people do this to us. The woman who is involved in the murder of my sister, even has a child. Then you’re still sick?

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Do you feel guilty when you’re happy? In the beginning I felt guilty as I had to laugh. That’s going to keep getting better. It’s hard. Especially during special days like mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, her birthday. May 26 is a black day. I have written something on my calendar, but I also can’t write too much, because my son can also read. That day we also put flowers at the urn. If I should laugh or feel me happy, I don’t feel guilty. Tinka would that also don’t want to. She would want us to have fun. If we no longer would enjoy, she would find that sin. That goes one day easier than the other.Image removed by editors  nosave Mariëlle van Rooij: & # 039; Tinka was no criminal! & # 039; order this book online for 9.95!

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