The Gruesome School Trip

Gruesome school trip, named after the

The books of Paul van Loon, tells the story of eleven-year-old Onnoval, he’s an absolute outsider at school. He is bullied for its appearance and for its behaviour: Onnoval writes horror stories and romantic poems. A made-up horror school styled outfits tour becomes reality as Ferluci with it off. If Onnoval to the door to the other \ ‘ \ ‘ to close reality and thus to save his classmates? The attested much nerve to as Dutch film maker such a project if the gruesome school trip on your take. The first stumbling block where you about falls is the limited budget. No budgets that in line up with ilk as Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket. And that is also called to abandon at the end result. Nevertheless, I find that they have put down a reasonable film for Dutch standards. The story comes when slow start. There is plenty of time to introduce the characters and their backgrounds. The action, a school trip with the bus of horrors to a horror park, starts only halfway through. Willem Nijholt is wonderfully theatrical in the role of vampire (count Vlapono) and also Angela Schijf (sister Ursula) is creepy onherkenaar from time to time. To the youthful cast, however, had some more attention may be, with the exception of Lisa Smit, who plays Tracy, what an absolutely talented kid nature seems to be. There are a number of small fright moments, but the film is not really very creepy. At least not of the caliber Harry Potter, so you can safely let your child from 6 years old to view this movie. All in all a nice movie, but absolutely no must-see \ ‘ \ ‘. The DVD contains some extra’s, such as the teaser, trailer, the video clip Griezeltje, a ‘ making of \ ‘ and a photo gallery. The gruesome school trip time: 96 minutes list price: 22.99 euro Advice age: 6 years order Online! The Bus of Horrors  The Bus of Horrors GriezelbusSerge

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