Sister Murder

it turns out to be her twin sister Anna to go, Maura the existence of whom did not know. Looking for answers, she goes to a coastal village in Maine where her hair-raising surprises waiting. WAST in the area for years an unknown killer around, which especially seems to have coined on heavily pregnant women. At that time is also the 9 months pregnant Mattie Purvis kidnapped. To stop him to get in touch should Maura with her mother, who seems to have something to do with the kidnappings. She has never known her mother and although those in prison for years, it seems that these plans also to kill stages to Maura.

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The book begins with a flashback that so \ ‘ n 40 years ago plays, all to get there until later in the book behind. The story is viewed from multiple perspectives, depending on the story lines. Hang them all together anyway and eventually the story comes to a surprising climax. Tess Gerritsen wrote all bestsellers as the surgeon, the pupil and The sinner. It is striking that in her books especially women interpret the leading roles, where, of course, nothing wrong with it. I like the story line a nice and easy read and the entire book by you wonder how it will run. For lovers of this genre books is Sister murder an absolute must!  Sister murder Tess Gerritsen Sister murder 335 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1464-5 list price: 16,90 euro order Online! sister nosave murder  Sister murder

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