And the lover is …

Jill Mansell is a trend setter in the field of hip women’s literature. After she conquered her homeland England with her humorous and irresistible novels they also achieved much success in Netherlands. Her first novel Luck in the game reached the first place in Holland’s bestseller list. The books are not literary delights, but wonderful to just go away and enjoy love and intrigue. On his time nothing wrong with that. In and the student is … you will be carried away in the life of Lottie Carlyle. This lady has it right for each other. She is happily divorced by Mario, has 2 beautiful rascals of children and a nice job on the estate Hestacombe. Unfortunately, suits the dark clouds together if it turns out that the owner of the estate, the company sells to a young attractive American businessman named Tyler. The American also appears to have a crush on Amanda. She is clearly charmed by him. But how much he does, he is not popular with her children and her ex. If his best friend happens to also from America and to make matters worse a Visual resemblance to Kate Moss shows, stops Lottie her feelings for Tyler deep way. And flirt with another man in the supermarket itself in full surrender back on her deposit, with dire consequences… The characters are as in other Jill Mansell books clearly recognizable and the various story lines are neatly knitted together. Unfortunately, the story brings a lot of tension and you can predict the end already. Despite this fact reads the book nice and easy way; It is almost as addictive as a soap opera. If you you can find in humorous story lines full of love and romantic entanglements than this novel is sure one that in your vacation suitcase must. Image removed by redactieJill Mansell and the lover is … 399 pages: Sijthoff publishing house ISBN: 90-245-5614-7 list price: 16.95 euro order Online! nosave and the lover is...  and the lover is... and the lover is?Jill Mansell

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