Chris Botti-To Love Again

I dont mistaken in the qualities of Botti. What is he good! Starting from the first issue I am excited and then I hear only the sounds of Chris Botti. He is supported by the London Session Orchestra 2005. And how! Other musical numbers wailing I often find myself wrong text, but this time I have no need for. While the second song sounds through my speakers, I hear the beautiful voice of Sting. This is the first artist who may give acte de pr é sence. What a special combination. After each track takes my enthusiasm far. As the last sounds of the duet with Steven Tyler blur, I know é n é thing for sure: this is a record that should be in my car. With this yummy jazzy numbers survive even an hour standing still. If necessary, two because the album is never dull. It’s so varied. A nice mix between quiet, romantic songs and jazzy numbers where you cheer. Chris Botti found on this plate has a perfect match between his trumpet sound and that of the artists. You may think that that big names ensure that this cd is so great, but that is not the case. It is for that perfect blend of trumpet and vocals. You hear really that this disc with much love for music is made. Tracklist: 1. Embraceable you 2. What are you doing the rest of your life? (featuring Sting) 3. My one and only love (featuring Paula Cole) 4. Let ther be love (featuring Michael Bubl é) 5. What’s new 6. Good morning heartache (featuring Jill Scott) 7. To love again 8. Are you lonesome tonight (featuring Paul Buchanan) 9. Lover man (featuring Gladys Knight) 10. I’ll be seeing you 11. Pennies from heaven (featuring Renee Olstead) 12. Here’s that rainy day (featuring Rosa Passos) 13. Smile (featuring Steven Tyler) Image removed by redactieChris Botti To Love Again-The Duets running time: 59 minutes and 43 seconds Label: Columbia Records/Sony BMG Music Entertainment list price: 23.99 euro order Online for 19.99! -nosave Chris Botti To Love Again  Chris Botti-To Love Again

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